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Hitchin and Beyond!

Discussion in 'Area 54 (CLOSED)' started by Son of Metalman, May 13, 2002.

  1. Son of Metalman

    Son of Metalman No Visible Cheesegraters

    May 26, 2001
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    Hitchin was [ Insert every known adjective which describes good ]

    Ultimatemetal is [ adjectives for annoying ] it always seems to shag up when I write really long reviews of stuff. But Hitchin was a packed gig (for a town with a very very small metal scene) but a good hundred people showed up. Laura thanked my father and myself for the promotion we did around the town, coz it seemed to have payed off! It was cool only being 10 mins from my house, as we stayed and had a long chat with the band afterwards. I got my own fully signed copy of No Visible Scars, and I am patiently awaiting the second album now. But before then, I get to see them this Sunday at Camden!!!!! and then the next round of the tournament at Kensington on the 31st!!!!!! so its not too bad really.

    I'll see all you Dokken fans on sunday hopefully! :D

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