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Hot Buttered Anal – Please Kill Me

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by TheWyvern, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. TheWyvern

    TheWyvern Member

    Oct 22, 2006
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    Hot Buttered Anal – Please Kill Me
    Self Released – Out Now
    By Dan Fisher


    When I first saw the cover of Hot Buttered Anal’s album, my first thoughts were ‘oh no, not another ‘comedy’ grindcore album to review’. Oh, how wrong I was. Way wrong. The band play a mix of dirty gutter punk, hardcore vocals, proto-thrash and straight metal.

    With the lyrics focusing on some disgustingly brilliant subjects including homosexual rent boy androids and a moving song that issues a rallying cry to free all lobsters, Hot Buttered Anal hit the funny bone dead on with this collection of regurgitations.

    Here are some notable rhyming couplets you can recite to your friends at school:

    "I’m a bionic fag with a taste for dick, I’m a gay android with no gag reflex" – 'Flaming Robots'.

    "So I’m ramming that bitch while she’s down on all fours, Phillips head or flat, which do I give this whore?" – 'Screwdriver Love'

    "Daddy’s banana boat, Ice cream, hot fudge, and a hairy cock" – 'Daddy’s Banana Boat'

    "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom for the lobsters (we have rights too, we have rights too)" – 'Freedom for the Lobsters'.

    If you like this kind of humour you are probably reaching for the mouse as I write this. It's executed with just the right balance between good musicianship and lazy off key vocals. Think Primus meets Bloodhound Gang meets Rancid.

    For the type of music 'Anal are aiming for, I rate this release very highly. A wickedly funny (if slightly nauseating) surprise.

    So...anyone for 'Anal?

    Official Hot Buttered Anal Website
    Official Hot Buttered Anal Myspace
  2. TheTechnogoat

    TheTechnogoat Protean

    Jun 20, 2005
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    sounds interesting :loco:

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