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How old are we?

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by HighlanderTM, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. HighlanderTM

    HighlanderTM Guest

    I've been a Saxon fan since a friend of mine gave me a copy of Power and the Glory in 1990, and have been following the band with die-hard enthusiasm since then. It would be interesting to know how old other Saxon fans are, and whether the band are picking up younger fans as they progress.

    I'm a MA film student (prospective at the Northern Film School in Leeds in september) and am 26. What about the rest of you, guys?

    Btw, Killing Ground is Saxon's best release in years. It's Helloween (when they had thier @#%$ together) with a hint of Maiden. Superb.
  2. Paxoman

    Paxoman Member

    Sep 10, 2002
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    A stranger in a strange land!

    I am 34 and have been a die hard Saxon fan since seeing them for the first time in 1980.

  3. Dickie Davis

    Dickie Davis Guest

    I am 29, and have been into Saxon since hearing And the bands played on, on a collection tape in about 1984.
  4. BajenPatte

    BajenPatte Guest

    I'm 31 and have been a fan, huge fan, since the crusade of -84...
  5. Sammi951

    Sammi951 Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Hyde, Manchester

    I am 33 and have been a Saxon fan since...oooh, let me see...since about June 14th 2002, when I saw them in concert for the very first time!! Have still been listening to some of their music since then, so I suppose that means I'm now a "fan"??
  6. felamid

    felamid Guest

    29, been a fan since 1985 when I first heard denim & leather. Where are the young breed?

  7. HighlanderTM

    HighlanderTM Guest

    Probably listening to Slipknot, Deicide, Marilyn Manson and Orange Goblin.

    Am i a young 'fogey' for listening to:

    Black Sabbath (just the Dio stuff please)
    and ZZ Top? My friends seem to think so. :)
  8. Dickie Davis

    Dickie Davis Guest

    Nowt wrong with Orange Goblin
  9. RicknRoll

    RicknRoll Guest

    39yrs old here, and have been a fan of Saxon since 1980. I saw Saxon for the first time on the Power & Glory tour and again on the Crusader tour. What can I say.... there possible the best band to come out of the so called new wave of british heavy metal.....NO actually they are the Best. Long live the mighty Saxon :) :)

  10. oh well im 19!!! so im the youngest fan here!! i first heard saxon when i saw a program on the top 10 british metal bands on channel 4 a few years ago and saxon were at no. 8:)
    I first got Unleash the Beast, then saw them live on the Metalhead tour!! i have lots of their albums now:) i have seen them 3 times, twice in england and once in germany at the wacken festival:)
    I only love true metal, nu-metal sucks!!!!

    oh yeh byt the way, Halfords new album @#%$ rocks!!!! buy it!!
  11. manowar

    manowar Guest

    I am 33 and have loved Saxon since I first heard Denim and Leather....

    I have witnessed Saxon, live on their past two 'quick' tours of the USA.

    Biff is a great frontman and singer! Long live Saxon!

    megadethrulz: Good call on the new Halford!

    Crucible is very good! Sun is a fantastic song!

  12. mcpurple

    mcpurple Guest

    yes i am 36 yrs. first came across saxon when wheels of steel hit the uk singles chart. first time i saw them was at the mildenhall rock festival in 1982 when they were headliners to magnum and samson.
    great to know that real bands are still going.
  13. saxonfan

    saxonfan Guest

    I am 32 this July. I have been a fan since Crusader.The first time a saw them live was on the Rock The Nations tour.Truly the best band!!!!!!!

  14. I'm 36 & have been into Saxon since the beginning i suppose (ya lose track of time when ya get old lol)
    Saxon was the 2nd concert i ever saw way back in December 1980 at Leicester De Montfort hall & it was a killer!
  15. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    well i'm about to turn 34 this July so that i guess makes me old!
    Been a life long fan since the start, saw Saxon first time in 1980.
    been there ever since, singing along (well if you can call it singing!) and having a great time with the best british Heavy Metal band ever.

    Halford Album is awesome. Check out new Primal Fear album as well, bit of a head-banging frenzy there as well.

    Nothing wrong with some of the new bands, the Goblin rock (great set at last years bloodstock), check out Area54 as well.


  16. 27 years old, and i follow to SAXON since two years ago when I hear Metalhead for first time.

  17. I am 36 and have been a diehard Saxon fan since I saw them on the Denim and Leather Tour in 1982.
  18. AisleBoy

    AisleBoy Guest

    I`ll be 39 on August 5th. I`ve been a SAXON fan since 1982 when a friend gave me ``The Eagle Has Landed`` in liu of cash to pay back $5.00 he had borrowed from me. By far the best loan I ever made. I bought all of the previous albums and have quickly purchased every new release since. To this day, I know I got the better part of the deal.
  19. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I turn 20 in september, brazilian and became a real fan when I saw the band in May 18th. Incredible the power on stage they have!!
    I listen to heavy/rock/metal since 12 or something...I wish I had enjoyed them a lot since I fist listened to Uleash the Beast song back in 98..
  20. LeeWill101

    LeeWill101 Guest

    Beat ya megadeth, i'm 17 :) and new to the metal scene compared to the rest of you. Found out about Saxon about 2 years ago and loved em ever since. Hope they're still going for years to come so i'll eventually get a chance to see them live.

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