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How old are we?

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by HighlanderTM, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. macc189

    macc189 Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Macclesfield, UK

    28, first got into Saxon when I heard the closing bars of 'Militia Guard' off the first album (go on, put it on and just listen to that closing solo and you'll see what I mean!) back in about 82 when I was 8 or something. Best bloody band ever.
  2. matteo

    matteo Guest

    I will be 31 nextAugust and I've been listening Saxon since early 1990 when a friend of mine lent me a tape with Denim and leather and the Eagle has landed back-to-back! I missed a few opportunities to check'em live until 1997 when I first saw'em during the Unleash the beast tour

  3. Dallas1pm

    Dallas1pm Guest

    hate to say it but I'm 42 and been a fan since donnington 80, lost my way for a while between 95 and 2001 but back on track now
  4. felamid

    felamid Guest

    its never too late mate!
  5. MrRattz

    MrRattz Guest

    Im 27 and been a Saxon fan since 1986. I was staying at a mates house in Horncastle in Lincs, and Biffs first wife had a hairdressing shop next door to it. Probably the last time I had a haircut!!!

  6. I'm 24 and got into Saxon when Metalhead was released. I've fallen in love with everything else they've done all the way back to their first album! Riase some hell!


  7. Second post on this board. Might as well do a short introduction of myself.

    Will be 25 this October. Live in southern Sweden (a region called Småland). Seen Saxon three times. First Saxon album I listened to was Power And The Glory (around '94). Bought my first Saxon album in '94/'95, and it was Solid Ball Of Rock. Bands I'm into besides Saxon are Motörhead, Savatage, most N.W.O.B.H.M. bands, Overkill, Testament, Candlemass, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Metal Church, Anvil, etc.
  8. HighlanderTM

    HighlanderTM Guest

    What, no Iron Maiden? How could you ignore Rock In Rio, Brave New World and Virtual 11? Far superior to Killing Ground and Metal Head.

    I'm not an anti-saxon fan, merely that Iron Maiden are class 'A' metal compared to Saxon's grade 'B' thunder...

  9. Iron Maiden were good back when Paul Di'Anno was with them.

    And as for Saxon being "B" compared to Maiden being "A". Hmm... I think not. Take Unleash The Beast and compare it to Brave New World. UTB blows BNW out of the sky!

    And how can I ignore Rock In Rio? Easy. I've seen Maiden live on the BNW tour, and I'm not that big a fan of Bruce era Maiden (to me Di'Anno era Maiden was far superior), so I don't see the need of handing out my hard earned money on that release when that money can be spent in so many better ways.

    And Virtual XI being superior to Killing Ground? Perhaps superior to Destiny at best.

    One of the better Maiden releases from the 90's is The X-Factor, even though the production leaves somewhat to be desired.

  10. iron maiden are @#%$ compared to Saxon!!!!!
    Maiden are good, but Saxon are superb..
    Saxon are unbeatable live too.
  11. HighlanderTM

    HighlanderTM Guest

    I guess your arguments are 'validated' by the fact that Saxon are playing Rock City in Nottingham, and Maiden are playing Birmingham NEC, packed to the rafters, or the fact every single released by Maiden in the past 10 years has gone into the charts hitting At LEAST the top 20, or that Maiden album sales (Brave New World in particular) has reached SEVEN figures world-wide, at least 250'000 in the UK.

    How many albums do Saxon sell in the UK? No more than five figures if they are lucky.

    I love Saxon more than ever, but thier material isn't in the same league as The Wickerman and Fear of the Dark.

  12. lordigor

    lordigor New Metal Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Boston, MA USA

    I'm 32 and living in Boston, MA USA. Seen them 13 times so far and have made the trip to Germany to see them as well as all over the mid-west US. They are the true kings of metal! Killing Ground and Metal Head are great!
  13. Paxoman

    Paxoman Member

    Sep 10, 2002
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    A stranger in a strange land!


    Iron Maiden better then Saxon? I think not.

    I was really looking forward to seeing Maiden at brixton in march, but left the gig really disappointed. Apart from the @#%$ sound, Iron Maiden are clearly way past their best. And having read the Iron Maiden website it seems a hell of a lot of fans were disappointed at it being the same setlist that Maiden done on their Brave New World tour. It seems that Maiden can't vary their setlist. Unlike Saxon, who vary it every night on the same tour, let alone months later!

    Ask anyone who has seen Saxon recently and they will tell you that Saxon are better live now then they have ever been. Unlike Maiden, who are embarrissingly way past it.

    Brave New World is an ok album but nothing special. Where as Saxon have put out 3 solid albums in a row. So for you to say Maiden are class A and Saxon are class B is quite frankly b******s. If you love Maiden so much, and think Saxon are so 'inferior', why don't you stick to their website. Simple really.

  14. Destiny

    Destiny Guest

    I´m 28 and have been a Saxon fan since I got hold of Denim and leather, hearing the opening riffs on Princess of the night for the first time. This was around 88 after hearing Rock the nations at a friends place. It seems though most "Saxoners" have gotten into the band either in the early 80´s or in the mid 90´s onwards. I find it kinda funny that I got into their stuff during a period usually refered to as their worst :) Personally I think that IINE/RTN & Destiny all are great albums which should be revaluated and get the credit they deserve.

    So, are there any more fans out there who joined the crusade during this period? Would be great fun hearing YOUR story. (Have I gotten nostalgic or what? Or can it simply be I´m approaching my thirties :lol: )

  15. look highlander, record sales are not a good way to measure how good a band is. slipknot sell loads, are they good? no.

    Lots of the best bands at the moment are not big at all. eg. lost horizon, freedom call, rawhead rexx
  16. Kissfinland

    Kissfinland Guest

    I'm 28 years old and been a fan since Crusader came out..
  17. HighlanderTM

    HighlanderTM Guest

    I must admit that i've never listened to Slipknot. I used to buy Kerrang magazine weekly many years ago, but now it's geared towards 19 year olds who follow bands because they are 'cool'. Metal Hammer still has decent coverage, as does Classic Rock (hey, NOBODY beats Queen). As an avid fan of Maiden, Saxon, AC-DC, Helloween and Dirt Deeds, i tire of these 'attitude first talent third' acts.

    "Denim and Leather brought us all together."

    Damn F**king right!!!

  18. I'm 22. My 1st Saxon cd was Dogs of War. Speaking of Dogs of War, I believe a band called "The Wallflowers" completely ripped off Saxon's Hold On. Just listen to their grammy award winning single "One Headlight" and you know they are completely the same!!!


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