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Hubardo FAQ

Discussion in 'Kayo Dot' started by FuSoYa, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Nov 9, 2001
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    Q. Will there be a CD release?

    A. We're not sure yet. Our last album (Gamma Knife) sold very few copies on CD via mailorder and tour. Since this is a self-release and we haven't even yet made enough money to manufacture all the vinyl and preorder items, it's impossible to justify the expense of manufacturing CDs when we believe not very many people will buy them, especially when we don't have a distributor to put a CD into stores. The best solution for us at the current moment is to find a label that will manufacture a CD version for us and distribute it to stores. One more thing - the digital download version is higher resolution than you'll be able to get on a CD - so it actually sounds better AND reduces waste.

    Q. I want to burn my digital files to CDs. Where is the side-split?

    A. The side-split is between track 6 (The First Matter) and track 7 (The Second Operation).

    Q. Why is shipping overseas so expensive?

    A. The U.S. Postal Service raised their rates a few months ago by nearly 100%. We're sorry, but there is really nothing we can do about this, and all small record labels here are feeling the pain. Just please try to remember that an overseas shipment of the deluxe package includes 3 records, a shirt, a booklet, and more - so it is pretty darn heavy.

    Q. I pre-ordered the vinyl, but I didn't receive my package yet! Where is it?

    A. You preordered a vinyl package which is still in production. We'll ship everything out when all the records, t-shirts, Sword of Satan books, stickers, posters, and guitar picks are all finished being manufactured. That should be mid-November or so.

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