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Huge metal CD in Excellent Condition in Hungary

Discussion in 'Metal CD' started by acid666, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. acid666

    acid666 New Metal Member

    Dec 12, 2020
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    Huge metal CD in Excellent Condition in Hungary
    8 EUR/piece
    Abigail(Jap)/Mantak - The Eastern Desekratorz
    Ad Astra: Crust Of Ego CD
    Alfa Eridano Akhernar / Nibiruth ‎– Monumental Expression Of Hate / The True Apocalypse Will Begin...
    Alien Blank, The: Modes Of Alienation DIGI CD
    Amoral: Year Of The Suckerpunch CDs
    Angmar - Cénotaphe (Lost Tracks)
    Apocalypse: Livre 66, Chapitre Premier DCD
    Apokalyptic Raids - Only Death Is Real
    Ari lehman's & First Jason - To Be A Monster
    As Hearts Bleeding: Existence CD
    Aura ‎– Lake of Despair
    Autumn Twilight: Dream Seeks Dreamer CD
    Ave Lucifer / Naastrand (2) / Pagan Wrath - Split 304/500
    Avulsed ‎– Gorespattered Suicide
    Baby Bone: Supernova CD
    Bang Bang: Rock És A Roll CD
    Bereaved, The: Darkened Silhouette CD
    Black Angel / Beelzebul ‎– Satanist Rites
    Black Angel / Black Empire ‎– Pura Musica Del Diablo
    Blizard: Desolation CD
    Blutklinge - Call Of The Blackened Woods
    Bobaflex - Anything That Moves
    Boy Hits Car - All That Led Us Here
    Braindead - The Next Showdown
    Calvarium - The Skull Of Golgotha
    Cerberus - Chapters Of Blackness
    Dead Shape Figure - Opus Victoria
    Decayed - Chaos Underground
    Decayed / Thugnor - Satanic Blast / At The Gates...
    Dethroned Christ - Roots of Ancient Evil
    Dethroners, The: Overdriven Silence CD
    Devils Diner - Edelmetal
    Donn / Theo Tsimtsum - Horns Curve Into Broken Circles
    Donots - We're Not Gonna Take It
    Ecliptica - Impetus
    E-Force: Evil Forces CD
    Evil Masquerade - Welcome To The Show
    Faceman: Delighted CD
    Flame Of War - Long Live Death!
    Faust - Könnyek koldusa
    Ómen - Halálfogytiglan
    Flúg: Elviszlek Magammal CD
    Freaky Fukin Werdioz - Hula
    Future Millionaire: Alone DIGI CD
    Garden Of Eden: Búcsú az édentől CD
    Gyötrelem – Kárhozat 900pld
    Halalnihil - Zealot Mercenary 9/66
    Hammergoat - Regeneration Through Depopulation...
    Harlot: Érzékek birodalma CD
    Hellish Crossfire - Bloodrust Scythe
    In Goth We Trust (válogatás) DVD+CD
    Infaust - Des Schmerzes Macht
    Kate Gallery - Compassion Fatigue
    Kimaera - The Harbinger Of Doom
    Kirchenbrand - Abgründe
    Knock Out: Akuszti K.O. CD
    Knock Out: Akuszti K.O. II CD
    Lacrimae - White Pest
    Lady Picture Show: Down the valley CD
    Lady Picture Show: LPS CD
    Legion: Black Underground CD
    Linkin Park - Hybrid theory
    Lugubrum - De Vette Cuecken
    Mantra: Om CD
    Meridian: The Seventh Sun CD
    Messenger: Mivé fajul a világ CD
    Mists Of Poveglia - Walking Through Forests Of Depression
    Muckraker - Karmageddon
    My Small Community: A day becomes a lifetime CD
    Mystic Circle - Unholy Chronicles 1992-2004 CD+DVD
    Negative: Planet of the Sun CDs
    Nikson: Preachers Go To Hell CD
    Nikson: So far from home CD
    No One's Owned
    Northsicks: Fusions of Evil CD
    Nuke: Soul Injection CD
    Obstruction - Vadak Földje
    October: Mélységi mámor CD
    Orion - Hymns of Satanic Praise
    Orion / Zebadiah Crowe
    Ossarium – Emanation
    Ördögárok: Ami Számít CD
    Paganfire, Sacrosanct - Winasak Ng Apoy
    Philadelphia: Őrült játék CD
    Porno 69: Lásd ahogy élek CD
    Radio Criminals: Radio Criminals CD
    Rawhead Rexx - Diary In Black
    Reactor: 25 Blokk CD
    Reactor: Hasad a Mag CD
    Rückwärts: Asszony - Ember CD
    S.K.: Nehéz Szülés CD
    Samael - Reign Of Light
    Samael - Reign Of Light
    Shell Beach: Acronycal CD
    Sleeping Gods - New Sensation
    Slomind - Grown Agaist The Grain
    Slomind - Solar Plexus
    Slunovrat - Sword & Iron Cross
    Solar Scream: Bare To The Bone CD
    Solarscream: Divider CD
    Star Positive: Ki nevet a végén CD
    Stardrive: Kings And Slaves CD
    Steamy: Őrült évek CD
    Stone, The: Visitor In The Paradise CD
    Stonedirt: Inherited Fever DIGI CD
    Stopyt: Best Before End CD
    Storyum: Insomnia CD
    Sudden Death - Once And For All
    Sun Workshop: Marilyn More Low
    Sunday Fury: First CD
    Sunday Fury: Men From The Grey Town CD
    SX-10 - Mad Dog American
    Tenacious D
    Tesstimony - The Deathbook
    The Pussybats - indestrucible
    The Wild Mind - Totally Dying
    Triumph - Dominium (The Torment To He)
    Triumph – Triumph
    Turn Of Mind: A new day, a new hour CD
    Ungod - Cloaked in Eternal Darkness
    Various ‎– In Goth we trust CD+DVD
    Various ‎– Unholy Thrashing Savage
    Velvet Stab: Welcome goodbye CD
    Waffenträger Luzifers / Black Angel (7) - Satan Is Power
    Witchclan - Misanthropist 362/500
    Wschód - O Dumie, Sile I Ogniu
    1917 - Inexorable CD (G.U.C.)

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