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Hungover Black-Metallers looking for a new drummer!

Discussion in 'Bar' started by -Vith-, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. -Vith-

    -Vith- To the bar!!

    Mar 19, 2008
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    Chester, England
    The "hungover black metallers" would be Frostshroud, a 3 piece outfit based in Coventry and we are currently looking for a permanent drummer!

    If you need a reference to what we sound like, then I think Transilvanian Hunger / Under A Funeral Moon era Darkthrone would be the best comparison, along with Carpathian Forest and Nattefrost for good measure. We play "old school" black metal with some Folk/Pagan undertones.

    I say we're based in Coventry but that is purely because our current drummer lives there and it's just convienient for him to practise in Cov. So if you're not in/around the Coventry area that is no problem at all as both myself and the vocalist are fully prepared to travel if need be to reherse etc

    Speaking of which, the current line-up consists of:
    Me - guitars, lyrics and occasionally vocals and keyboards
    Massaker - lyrics, vocals and bass
    Kreft - live bass

    Other stuff of interest..we have quite an extensive catalogue of tracks to say the least, although nothing recorded properly yet, and we have a couple of gigs planned for the future, both being supported by and supporting for. The myspace is

    So if you're up for it and are committed and enthusiastic about getting somewhere, as well having a decent sense of humor and a penchant for spending many an hour in bars (though obviously not an essential requirement, we like to keep the band as social as we can and have a good time) then get in touch!


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