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Ideas for touring???

Discussion in 'Rebel Collective' started by R.J, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. R.J


    Apr 19, 2009
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    Bollnäs, Sweden
    Been thinking about this touring part of life again.
    Not so easy without labelbackup or possibly a booking agent.
    That and the fact that I've been "out of the loop" for quite some time puts me here asking for help :)

    The "plan" at hand is in three parts.

    1: Short (10 days or so) in Brazil:
    Rebel Collective (Gävle, Sweden)
    Hate Ammo (Umeå, Sweden)
    Threat (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    Unscarred (Pantera Tribute, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

    2: Any no. of days in EU/Scandinavia
    Rebel Collective
    Hate Ammo
    TBA (Threat said sth about another Braz band joining)

    3: "weekend tour" in Sweden/Scandinavia)
    Rebel Collective
    Hate Ammo

    What I need is help in finding sponsors (ofcourse), venues (duh...) and any possible info on logistics...i.e rent for nightliners, vans and hotels etc. to at least start making any kind of budget on this.

    I have no fantasy that we'll get everything paid or anything, I do know that this will take alot of effort from the bands involved, both financial and PR so don't get me wrong.

    So, anyone who can help out with ideas, please feel free to write here or to my e-mail:

    Hope some of Ya'll out there can lend a helping hand :)


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