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I'm Back!

Discussion in 'Steve Smyth' started by Steve Smyth, Apr 20, 2016.


Have you heard One Machine yet?

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  1. Steve Smyth

    Steve Smyth Lead Axe

    Feb 27, 2002
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    Hi All Steve Smyth fans and metal heads alike, I'm back on here to check in, and let you know about my new band One Machine.
    One Machine is something I've built from the ground up, and have developed into a thrashing heavy metal band, that some say is progressive and has some other areas of metal in there as well. Some comparisons have been made to bands from my past, including Vicious Rumors and Nevermore, but I think this band stands on it's own merits, and we've got a singer who sounds like neither of those two bands.
    Currently, we've got myself and Jamie Hunt on guitar and backing vocals, Chris Hawkins (Endeavor) on vocals, Stefano Selvatico (ex- Savage Messiah) on bass guitar, and Matt "Spike" Cherry on drums, and we have completed another European tour cycle for our latest release, The Final Cull, with the mighty Overkill and Vader, as well as rounding out a few headliners of our own along the way. The Final Cull which is out now world-wide through Scarlet Records in both CD digipak*** and digital formats, and soon to go on Spotify and other streaming networks, was released September 18th 2015, and we have been touring since it's release, with plans to tour through the end of 2016 on this album.
    *** The digipak release has a cover of Computer God on there from Black Sabbath! If you love metal, you'll love this version!
    I intend to set up a new band forum for One Machine on here, and invite you all meantime to find us on any or all of our social media:
    I'll check back to see who is still around, and look forward to hearing from you all in the meantime.
    Steve One Machine Full Band shot.jpg
  2. MetalAges

    MetalAges Metal Is As Metal Does.
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    Sep 30, 2001
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    Virginia, USA

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