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Immolation - Unleash the Inferno

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Victim of Deception, Nov 13, 2007.

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    [IMGLEFT][/imgleft]By Adam McAuley

    US death metallers Immolation are back with a new recording, the first since 2005's Harnessing Ruin. UM recently sent Adam McAuley along to talk to the band about the new album, their music, and their place in death metal. Over to Adam.

    The new album Shadows In The Light shows strong strains of the abrasive style of Close To A World Below. Are you trying to outdo what some consider to be your best work with this album or just trying to put out more solid material?

    We always just want to put out a great album. We obviously want everything we do to get better, so with each record we strive to take things to the next level and bring more to the table each time. I think Shadows just happen to come out very aggressive which people compare to our earlier stuff, but I think its quite different though. Each album really has its own atmosphere and unique feel.

    Which of Immolation’s albums is in fact your favorite and do you try to emulate your best work to a small degree at all times despite wanting to push in different directions?

    No we never try to emulate what we’ve done in the past. I tend to purposely not listen to our own records often, especially when writing. I don’t want to repeat anything, I like to take things from a fresh perspective, and most of the time I write music it is usually after a long break of not playing my guitar at all. After touring I usually don’t pick it up for weeks and months at a time between records. I think the break keeps it more interesting.

    The last album, Harnessing Ruin seemed to embrace a slightly more progressive direction than this new one, but perhaps a return to what is most appreciated by the band as seen by the aggressive mindset is a good idea. Do you agree?

    I like what we did on Harnessing a lot actually, …Shadows just happen to become more aggressive, it wasn’t on purpose, its just the way the material worked out. Its not easy to plan that , we just go with whatever feels right at the time.

    Your discography has shown a great deal of consistency in its quality and one that should eventually give you a relatively legendary status amongst the metal elite. How do you feel about this kind of a labelling?

    At this point we’re still struggling as a band to get further, so we don’t look at labels, we just try harder each time. We sure don’t feel so elite! haha

    However, there is a slight fear that a lack of new directions may start to become apparent now. How do you intend to alleviate this?

    I think we actually have expanded pretty well on the last two records, the new material is more complex yet more straight forward and easier to digest. Also lyrically we are are dealing more with what is relevant today, like the war and state of the world, terrorism, and even touch on political things, we just do it in a certain way that appears one way on the surface, but it actually is referring to more realistic things. So I think our direction is going pretty well.

    Shadows Of The Light doesn’t let up for a second displaying it to be quite a killer of an album overall. Do you like the feeling evoked by your new disc in comparison to the last?

    Yes I would say its definitely more intense, more furious! I like the layering of the guitars a lot and the rhythmic leads that help carry the music. There is a lot going on but all in a basic kind of way, it makes things a bit more interesting and the flow of the album is consistent.

    Do you see yourselves as greatly evolved as musicians at the current state?

    We are the best we’ve been, but we still could improve of course, there’s always room for improvement! We have definitely evolved greatly since our early days, that is for sure.

    Do you think that Immolation has earned its recognition by the underground simply by the amount of quality material they’ve released or are there any greater reasons still?

    I think that is the only reason! We have never been the “popular” band, or the “in” group, no gimics, no nonsense, just the music, and that is pretty much the only thing that has kept us going and earned us respect.

    How would you compare yourselves to other stalwarts of the genre like Morbid Angel and Suffocation? How would you place yourselves amongst their ranks at this juncture?

    We are actually on tour with Suffocation now, tour’s going great too! Totally cool guys! I would say we are all on the same level, just all different in our own way, different styles and approaches. I like a lot of things Suffocation and Morbid Angel do,..and they are things that are unique to themselves.

    Tight musicianship seems to be one of your defining traits. Is there any particular way you mix the guitars and drums to deliver such an inferno like effect every time?

    We just try to make them compliment each other. The beat can make or break the riff, so we try diffent things to see which has the right feel for a particular part. When its right you just know it.

    Although the album was quite crushing, Ross Dolan’s performance perhaps didn’t stick out quite as much here as on previous albums. This might perhaps be because he’s more buried within the mix, but will he be given perhaps a slightly more prominent role on future albums?

    Im not quite sure what you mean, but his vocals are there, just as they always are, I think they came out really well on this record and the way some of the lines flow is really interesting.

    How influential do you see yourselves upon bands of current death metal scene as opposed to simply being one of the major purveyors of the scene in general and what are some of your current favorite acts?

    I think we have had some influence here and there, from what we hear anyway. One of my favorite acts would have to be Behemoth. I have to give those guys credit on putting on e hell of a show!

    What does the future hold in store for Immolation? Will you continue to tread a tried and true path or attempt bold, visionary new directions?

    We always try new directions, I don’t know how bold they are , but we will keep trying to move the music forward as much as we can and keep doing what we do best,..and hopefully people will keep listening! Haha Thanks for the interview and for the great support! All the best!

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