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In depth Dendura story and bio

Discussion in 'Dendura' started by Dendura, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Mar 29, 2006
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    Moody, powerful, unique and seductive are some words fans and reviewers have said of Dendura. Dendura's sound has elements of Egyptian/Middle Eastern (Aziza is Egyptian and Lebanese) along with having a haunting feel while drawing from the more progressive and technical side of metal. The sound is a combination of classical, powerful and aggressive female vocals with guitar work that is fluid and technical backed up with an energetic rhythm section. Originally formed in February of 2004, Dendura played throughout Michigan and opened their first show for national Level/C before loosing their original drummer putting them on a year and a 1 ½ hiatus. Going through a series of short lived drummers, keyboardists, and physical conditions, the remaining members of Dendura made a decision to not let anything get in their way and kept busy by writing their debut album while preparing to place their music in motion pictures. In April of 2006, Dendura was reborn with the release of their debut album “New Life”. “New Life” gave them the exposure they desired with independent films including the award winning film "Broken", "Perception" and the popular Detroit based TV Series "InZero" starting a media buzz. The press praised Dendura for their originality with the use of Egyptian mythology, and for their cd sales in Egypt, Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy as well as in the U.S. In June of 2006, Dendura decided to progress their sound and become heavier and added on guitarist and drummer duo Mosteller (drums) and Stein (guitar). Immediately upon their joining, the band has been consistently busy with a featured episode and live taping on Detroit’s Reality show "I Too Want To Be A Star", hired to remake Edvard Griegs "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" for Comedy Centrals (Television network and Broadband) "Monsters" (also known as Monsters Ballz as a “Web Show Network Series”), along with a special news segment on WZZM CH 13 (an ABC TELEVISION NETWORK). Dendura is a band that proves hard work pays off and that anything can happen with the right attitude and vision. They get creative with Egyptian statues and belly dancers on stage while keeping their Egyptian trademark sound fresh and new making them an entertaining live band. With influences from progressive metal leaders such as "Dream Theater", "Orphaned Land", "Queensryche", “Epica”, "Nevermore", and "Evergrey", Dendura is on a mission to keep you guessing and capture your ears.

    What were some of those physical turmoils in the beginning of the bio????
    Guitarist Steve Wethy had a cyst on his wrist causing and in the Spring of 2006, right before NEW LIFES release, he had it removed. Aziza A. Poggi was in the beginning stages of developing vocal nodules (didnt have them but would if she didnt change the way she sang) from pushing too hard on her chords. She took opera classes to help strenghthen and properly sing in 2005. Aziza has been to the ear nose and throat specialist three times since and were vocal chords are now very healthy.
    Later, guitarist Paul Stein broke a bone in his arm (see the picture at the Ritz with Abida Blaze performing) and he still played lead guitar at their March 31st show. :headbang:

    How many drummers and keyboardists were in Dendura before?

    4 prior drummers: Original drummer Arzachel filled in on 3 Dendura shows before Justin Mosteller took over in June of 2006. And yes we heard all the Spinal Tap jokes! :loco:

    2 keyboardists: Dendura decided to add on a 2nd guitarist instead of looking for another keyboardist and thats where Paul Stein came in who was already with Justin Mosteller. Aziza played the keys on the cd NEW LIFE and also performs some keyboard parts live.

    Who came up with the Egyptian/ Middle Eastern sound for the band and the bands name? Aziza, obviously...

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