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Interview with Kelly Sundown Carpenter

Discussion in 'Firewind' started by Firewind SKG, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Firewind SKG

    Firewind SKG New Metal Member

    Jul 15, 2012
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    Hello guys. I talked with the new singer of FIREWIND on Facebook for a little while, like an interview, so I present it right here!

    Me: How long before the anouncement did you know you were going to join FIREWIND? No need to reply if you do not wish.

    Kelly: Sorry, can't answer that.

    Me: That is just fine I was just curious about it.

    On the contrary, I believe that you can reply to that. How do you feel about being a member of FIREWIND, replacing a singer, speaking of Apollo, that was a member of the band for 7 years?

    Kelly: This is something I can's awesome! I have had a lot of offers from bands before but Firewind is a band that I it's great!

    I have replaced other singers before and this is always "touchy" with some fans and I totally understand this...I think Apollo has a great voice so it's an honor to replace him and I give him my total respect and wish him the best.

    Me: Do you feel you can perform the songs that he sang, some of them wrote as well, with FIREWIND, such as World On Fire, Wall Of Sound etc?

    Kelly: Yes...this is why I was chosen for Firewind

    Me: Have you had any practice on them? You should know that all FIREWIND fans loved Apollo and were curious about your performance, so they searched for songs you sang with Epysode and more teams. The atmosphere is very good I can say, I liked your voice really much and so did most of the fans, but all of us will wait for your first live appearance. Do you feel ready enough to win the crowd?

    Kelly: Yes-I have practiced with the band and I feel ready to deliver the songs to the's up to them to decide if they like what I do :)

    Me: Just one last question. Are you just replacing Apollo for the American tour, or is this permanent?

    Kelly: I plan to stick around ;-)

    Me:It is something I also personally care about, what made you say "I'll be a singer one day" ?

    Kelly: I remember hearing Geoff Tate on Operation Mindcrime for the first time when I was younger and it just blew me away...I said to myself...I'm gonna learn how to do what this guy does! Since then my tasted have changed and got more into Dio ..Ozzy Iron Maiden etc but that was it for me

    Me: It seems you chose wisely to get involved into music.
    Do you play any instrument?

    Kelly: I play a little guitar but nothing incredible...I'll leave that to Gus ;)

    Me: Thanks for your time Kelly!

    This is what was said afrom Kelly, he spoke really good and made a good appearance to me. Only time will tell if he is going to "stick around" as he mentioned. Firewind fans wish you the best!

    Anything you would like to say?
  2. Aletheus

    Aletheus Member

    Jul 20, 2008
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    The dude's got a great voice and as much as it sucks to see the band part ways with Apollo it's great to see that a replacement has been found so quickly.

    Many bands called it quits after losing an iconic vocalist...
  3. ApolloNum1

    ApolloNum1 New Metal Member

    Oct 5, 2012
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    A shit hole
    I have been good friend with Kelly for many years.
    He is a fantastic vocalist and a good honest person.

    I am so proud of him.
    If you want any questions answered just ask me. Irun the Sundown facebook pafe ..:worship:

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