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Issue 50: Songs To Watch invades!

Discussion in 'Songs To Watch' started by Demonspell, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Demonspell

    Demonspell cheating the polygraph

    Apr 29, 2001
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    dead between the walls
    DEMONSPELL’S SONGS TO WATCH…at Greetings, devoted readers and listeners! Experience some of today's finest metal, all in one location. Totally free, no software to download, no waiting. Here is a mini-FAQ:

    Q: What exactly is an station?
    A: A user-selected playlist, with the option to play all songs consecutively or listen to them separately.

    Q: Why did you include, for example, The Curse Of Feanor instead of The Bard's Song?
    A: The page contains link to the band's page, for easy access to other available selections.

    Q: Why aren't there any song descriptions yet?
    A: I'll work on that next.

    Q: Why didn't you include, say, Symphony X?
    A: station managers are limited to songs and artists hosted by in their choices.

    Q: What is the URL?
    A: Most pages have two URL's, the exact location and the express one, which redirects to the former. My station's address is

    Q: How can my band be featured?
    A: If you have songs up at, just give me the URL, I'll give you a listen, and if I approve, I'll add it to the station.

    The Inaugural Playlist

    Agalloch – Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony
    Amaran – Faith Healer
    Andromeda – In The Deepest Of Waters
    Angel Dust – Let Me Live
    Archetype – Hands Of Time
    Ark – Absolute Zero
    Ascension Theory – Pieces
    Blind Guardian – The Curse Of Feanor
    Borknagar – The Genuine Pulse
    Cea Serin – Meridian’s Tear
    Chalice – The Amber Twilight
    Chiaroscuro – Weapon
    Comma – Cradle Of My Dreams
    Cynic – Veil Of Maya
    Dark Tranquillity – Punish My Heaven
    Daylight Dies – Everything That Belongs
    Devin Townsend – Bad Devil
    Djam Karet – Night Of The Mexican Goat Sucker
    Dysrhythmia – Craving For Transformation
    Eternity X – The Edge Part III
    Fall Of The Leafe – Stumbling Stone
    Forest Stream – The Winter Solstice
    Forever Times – In The Eye Of Compassion
    Infinity Minus One – Architectural Martyr
    Into Eternity – Elysium Dream
    Jag Panzer – Frozen In Fear
    Katatonia – Nowhere
    Kharma Cosmic – Andromeda Speaks
    Lemur Voice – Universal Roots
    Machine Called Man – The Witch And The Whisperer
    Maudlin Of The Well – The Curve To Which An Angle Turn’d
    Nevermore – The River Dragon Has Come
    Nile – Sarcophagus
    Novembers Doom – Not The Strong
    Novembre – Cold Blue Steel
    October Thorns – Circle Game
    Ozric Tentacles – Waterfall City
    Pagan’s Mind – Embracing Fear
    Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes
    Power Of Omens – Only A Dream
    Psychotic Waltz – Morbid
    Reading Zero – Strategy
    Shape Of Despair – Quiet These Paintings Are…
    Sigh – Corpsecry/Angelfall
    Stonehenge – Between Two Worlds
    Sun Caged – Secrets Of Flight
    Tad Morose – New Clear Skies
    Threshold – Falling Away
    Thyrfing – The Breaking Of Serenity
    Visual Cliff – Rapture

    I hope you enjoy this aural banquet I have prepared. As of now, there are fifty songs by fifty artists, and coincidentally my next issue will be number 50. The launch will begin a two-part special, look forward to a list of the top 50 prog-metal epics of all time soon.

    UPDATE - 11/12 this page will be continually updated with changes to the station...

    Added commentary to most of the songs, and three were put into rotation:
    Farmakon - The Prism
    Nightingale - Remorse And Regret (alternate version)
    Vanishment - Revealer Of Secrets
  2. MURAI

    MURAI -

    Nov 6, 2002
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    Nile – Sarcophagus (Great song)
  3. Demonspell

    Demonspell cheating the polygraph

    Apr 29, 2001
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    dead between the walls
    December/January the past month, I've added the following songs:

    Antique - Take This Sullen Timber
    Division - Tapping The Vein
    Embracing - Chased By A Shadow
    Lunaris - In Contempt Of Humanity
    Prototype - Trinity
    Section 16 - Monkey Patch
    Strange Land - All Things Considered

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