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John Macaluso's Union Radio - Album artwork

Discussion in 'Laser's Edge' started by drmrsdad, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. drmrsdad

    drmrsdad New Metal Member

    May 1, 2005
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    Norwood NJ
    Just posting some info that I've just been given by John himself.
    Here's the front cover Artwork for John Macaluso's upcoming CD The Radio Waves Goodbye. Should be out in a couple of months. I've heard this cd and all I can say is from a drumming perspective it's just insane.

    Some of the performers on this cd as as follows:
    James LaBrie (Dream Theater)
    Marco Sfogli on Guitar (James Labrie's Solo CD Elements Of Persuasion)
    Alex Rastopchin Guitar
    Derrik Weiland (TSO)
    Chris Caffery (Savatage, TSO, Spread Eagle,......)
    Mike Dimeo Vocals (Riot and currently with Masterplan)
    Randy Coven on Bass
    Zey Grey Bass
    Dimuti on everything
    Adrian Holtz on Vocals (This is the guy who did the vocals on ARK III!!!)
    Robert Katrick guitar (Guitarist in my son's band Until Destiny)
    Don Chaffin Vocals (Long time, Long Island resident involved with projects like Ram Jam, VOX, MCM - Masi Coven Macaluso)
    Alex Masi on Guitar
    Vitalij Kuprij on Piano and keys.

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