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Just fun society. Cause...

Discussion in 'The Philosopher' started by AlexPontik, May 22, 2020.

  1. AlexPontik

    AlexPontik New Metal Member

    May 22, 2020
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    Rock n' roll can never die, but those who say it does, do!:headbang:

    so, this thread works as follows:
    1. Unfortunately (or fortunately cause you can skip this thread now :cool:), you have to read the text in the attachment or google link below (21 pages, but with pictures, cause it's fun!)
    2. after that, you need to think :err: with what you know = imagine :whistle:+ have experienced in the past :old:, on whether the text is true, honest, and just, or something is missing.
    3. we are waiting:popcorn: for your feedback.:kickass:
    4. both positive :heh:and negative :fu:feedback are welcome, but please, keep it classy :cool::wave:o_O


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