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Kat’s Metal Litter Box – No Shit in This Box Vol. 1

Discussion in 'Metal CD' started by katsmetallitterbox, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Mar 15, 2016
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    This project took me almost a year to complete. The hardest part was choosing the songs. We have so many great Canadian Rock & Metal Bands.

    When I thought of creating these CD’s, I knew I wanted to have two CD’s but never thought I would have 15 songs on each CD. I was thinking more along the lines of 10 on each CD but I couldn’t narrow it down to 10 songs on each CD. We have too many great Canadian Rock & Metal Bands. I really wish I could have added more bands, as all the stuff submitted to me was great music.

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    Kat’s Metal Litter Box – No Shit in This Box Vol. 1

    Metal CD
    1. phear – Regan’s Dream
    2. Chariots of the Gods – Into Oblivion
    3. Medevil – Escape
    4. Nova Spei – Les Vivants-Morts
    5. Beyond Eternal – (In the Shadows of) The Bloody Cross
    6. COUNTER CLOCKWORK – Cross & Dagger
    7. Lutharö – Black Scorpion
    8. Forsaken Rite – Wolves
    9. Crone Of War – Dogma
    10. DISCHORD – Bolshevik
    11. Dragon Nation – Closer to the edge
    12. DRED – Dead_Alive
    13. HELLbros! – Feed it
    14. Lost Creation – House of Cards
    15. The Muted Pitch – Silenced Hammer

    Rock CD
    1. Aron Scott Earthquake – Cosmic Hog
    2. Rustik – Not Real
    3. Uforia – Fight Or Flight
    4. Demolition Rage – Jack of Shadows
    5. Social-Strife -You Were Nothing
    6. Sinburn – Angry
    7. Valyear – Screams
    8. Simple Damned Device – Apocalypse Diet
    9. Sister Satellite -Tomorrow falls
    10. Obscure Illusions – The Path of Oblivion
    11. On The Verge – Lost My Soul
    12. Change Under Death – Hunger
    13. Amour – Larry’s Hideaway
    14. Herö Biscuit – Motorbike
    15. Carmen North – Village Idiot

    >(^._.^)< \m/ =^..^= \m/ (⌐■_■) = Evan \m/

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