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~Kemper Profiles~ (Share Your Rigs!)

Discussion in 'F.O.H.' started by Contra Studio, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Contra Studio

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    Hell Paso
    So Im going to start a new thread on people that want to share your rigs! It would be helpful to add audio clips/samples of your sound solo or with a mix. SO... Ill start this one, this is my first try with making a Profile so give it a check, its with my 5150 3 100watt and 5150 3 Straight cab into a 57 center. I used my 7 string Jackson with 81-7 and there are 4 profile, two with a Maxon OD808 and 2 with out. I profiled both red and blue channel with and with out the Maxon....

    You can find the profiles under my user name MOSS

    Heres the audio samples

    5150 3 Blue Channel

    5150 3 Blue Channel & OD8

    5150 3 Red Channel

    5150 3 Red Channel & OD8

    I hope these profiles can help you guys out in any way..

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