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Discussion in 'Old School Metal Discussion' started by Vicious Robbie, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Vicious Robbie

    Vicious Robbie Faithful Neon Dreamer

    Mar 9, 2005
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    San Pablo de Heredia, Costa Rica
    After seeing the video for Silence, I was interested in hearing the new project of Kiske with American singer Amanda Somerville. For some background here's some info:

    "Kiske/Somerville" sees Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) and Magnus Karlsson (STARBREAKER, PRIMAL FEAR) handling most of the songwriting (with additional contributions from Sander Gommans, formerly of AFTER FOREVER, and Somerville herself), and Sinner overseeing the production and mix at various recording studios in Europe.

    Somerville is the American singer-songwriter and vocal coach who was tapped to replace EPICA vocalist Simone Simons on the band's North American tour with SYMPHONY X due to Simons' health issues."

    Just the fact that Michael is not handling the songwriting implies that there could be good songs here. Sinner and Karlsson assure us that there is some heaviness in the album as well. So, how does this combination of singers and songwriters work? Let's see.

    Nothing Left To Say starts off with a bang and a heavy riff and it sounds like a poppy sounding power metal tune. So far Michael and Amanda sound ok. First single Silence is where the duet really clicks, especially when Amanda comes in. It is important to note that Amanda's voice really adds body to Kiske's tone and at times it drowns it a bit. There's nothing wrong with that, really, as the tune has a catchy chorus. These two songs pretty much define the album. It's a hit-and-miss affair. There's filler material like the previously mentioned opener, End of the Road, Arise, Set a Fire and A Thousand Suns. The remaining seven work very well and are the saving grace of the album. The Sinner/Karlsson team work to perfection at penning catchy tunes and using these distinctive voices. Highlights include Don't walk away, the Devil in her Heart, Silence and the AORish but excellent Second Chance.:)

    Overall, the album is not great but it's decent. The songs that work have great choruses and succeed in combining these two vocalists in a heavy but commercial scenario. For hard rock/melodic metal fans, you might want to check it out. As long as Michael doesn't write anything seems to be the golden rule when it comes to hearing decent tunes sung by him :lol:

    01. Nothing Left To Say (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    02. Silence (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    03. If I Had A Wish (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    04. One Night Burning (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    05. Arise (Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville)
    06. End Of The Road (Mat Sinner, Jimmy Kresic)
    07. Don't Walk Away (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    08. Devil In Her Heart (Mat Sinner, Jimmy Kresic)
    09. Rain (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    10. A Thousand Suns (Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville)
    11. Second Chance (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)
    12. Set A Fire (bonus track) (Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville)

    Michael Kiske - Vocals
    Amanda Somerville - Vocals
    Mat Sinner - Bass, Backing Vocals
    Magnus Karlsson - Lead Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards
    Sander Gommans - Additional Lead Guitar
    Martin Schmidt - Drums
    Ramy Ali - Drums
    Jimmy Kresic - Keyboards
  2. wdiv

    wdiv Rattlehead

    May 28, 2004
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    Odd that it's branded as a Kiske solo album, but he didn't write any of the songs.
  3. tsorl

    tsorl Borne on Wings of Steel

    Aug 3, 2003
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    It's pretty much the same thing as the Allen/Lande albums and Bob Catley's solo career; (relatively) big name singers singing material written by other people. The singers are the biggest reason anyone buys these albums so it makes sense.

    I haven't heard a full song from this album yet but since it's mostly written by Magnus Karlsson I can pretty much tell what it sounds like. Catchy melodic hard rock, but he's quite predictable nowadays. Allen/Lande, The Codex with Mark Boals, Catley's Immortal, Starbreaker with Tony Harnell... it's all basically the same stuff but with different singers. I'll check this one out but it's not a priority, actually I'm more looking forward the new Allen/Lande coming out in November.
  4. Wyvern

    Wyvern Master of Disaster
    Staff Member

    Nov 24, 2002
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    Curridabat, Costa Rica
    Yeah that's why I'm not too interested in the next Allen/Lande album, the second left me absolutely unimpressed.
  5. sixxswine

    sixxswine rockandrollazine.blogspot

    May 31, 2002
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    NW Chapter UMOS
    I got a link to download this and got it saved on my PC. I transfered them to iTunes and the tracks are on my iPod. I'll get around to hearing this and the new Death Angel this week....

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