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Ladies & Gents on CACOPHONY...

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by LostMessiah, Aug 26, 2022.

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    ~C A C O P H O N Y~

    Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on...

    RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10pm-12pm

    Radio Addington 107.5FM, Friday & Monday at 10pm.

    Listen or Download CACOPHONY at

    We're on Facebook! [Who isn't?] to hear the best Metal Radio NZ has to offer...

    Ladies Playlist

    Violet Blend - Rock DJ + He Said He Was Pregnant
    Shepherds Reign [NZ] - Le Manu
    * Battle Beast - Wings Of Light
    * Battle Beast - Master Of Illusion
    * Battle Beast - Where Angles Fear To Fly
    * Battle Beast - Russian Roulette
    Alien Weaponry [NZ] - Buried Underground
    Knightshade [NZ] - U Say
    * Hearts & Hand Grenades - Scream It Out
    * Hearts & Hand Grenades - Black Sunset
    * Hearts & Hand Grenades - Secret
    * Hearts & Hand Grenades - Illogical
    The Winos [NZ] - Winestain
    The Dark Side Of The Moon - May It Be

    Guys Playlist

    Anthrax - Aftershock
    Legacy Of Disorder [NZ] - March To Death
    * Mental Care Foundation - Zombie
    * Mental Care Foundation - Burn It Down
    * Mental Care Foundation - The Vengeance
    * Mental Care Foundation - Blind
    Bloody Hell [NZ] - Gravespawn
    Awakened Inferno [NZ] - You're Going To Hell
    * Nite - Last Scorpion
    * Nite - Liber ex Doctrina
    * Nite - Thorns
    * Nite - The Trident
    Gunt [NZ] - Deletion
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Nur Frohen Mutes

    Gigs [All Gigs TBC]

    Friday Aug12th @ Dux Central – Pulvinar, Excessive Suffering EP Release, with support from Anti-Stasi, Bloody Hell, and Abhor. $10 on the door.

    Friday September 2nd @ 12 Bar – Shepherds Reign, with support from treachery and Stonehurst.
    $30 + BF from UTR

    Saturday Aug 20th @ 12 Bar – Winterfest MMXXII, featuring Men An Tol, Jormungandor, Methchrist, Altars of Achlys, Bloody Hell, and Abhor. Tickets $15 +BF from Cosmic Ticketing

    Saturday September 3rd @ The Embankment – Doom and Gloom feat. Methchrist, Abyss Crawler, Men An Tol, Abhor, Borer, and Mt Unzen. $20 on the door.

    Saturday September 17th @ 12 Bar – Sasquatch (USA) with Pieces of Molly. Early Bird Tickets $25 +BF from UTR

    Saturday September 24th @ 12 Bar – Downfall of Humanity, with Empire, Omeka and Slimivich.
    Tickets $15 from

    Saturday Oct 15th @ Valhalla (Wellington) and Sunday the 16th @ Whammy (Auckland) – Vader Fest, with Vader, Thy Disease, and special international guests TBA. Tickets $64 +BF from UTR

    Sat 22nd Oct @ The Good Home (Ferrymead, Christchurch) Blindspott “Volumes Tour” with Written by Wolves.

    Wednesday Nov 23rd @ 12 Bar – Skeletal Remains (USA) feat. Plague of the Fallen. Tickets $35 at UTR

    Wednesday Feb. 22 – The Exploited (Details TBC)

    *Contact CACOPHONY*

    eMail requests2022(at)

    sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.

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