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Lethal Conflict Mailorder

Discussion in 'Kolony Records' started by jpmuikku, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. jpmuikku

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 08.03.2012

    Napalm Death - Scum (digipack reissue) 2012 grindcore 11.00
    The most influential grindcore album ever, this certainly started it as far as Earache was concerned - no-one could have imagined what lay in store for the future of music when this spiteful little bastard was issued back in 1987 to a largely unsuspecting metal and mainstream public!
    Repressed as "Full Dynamic Range" (FDR) audio using the original Masters and Artwork!

    Pharaoh - The Longest Night 2006 power metal 9.00
    Pharaoh - After The Fire 2003 power metal 9.00
    Pharaoh - Be Gone 2008 power metal 9.00
    Pharaoh - The Ten Years (mcd) 2011 heavy/power metal 7.00
    Pharaoh - Bury The Light 2012 heavy/power metal 10.80
    The new album from American metal group PHARAOH is an affirming cry to those who know that things are not what they seem. Entitled Bury the Light, the album centers musically on the darker undertones of the band’s previous output, emphasizing as always the elegant and vigorous guitar work of Matt Johnsen and the unmatched power of vocalist Tim Aymar. These elements combine to invoke compelling, radiant melodies, which in turn lure the listener to experience the album’s deeper dynamics and complex corners.

    Savage Messiah - Plague of Conscience 2012 power/thrash metal 11.00
    Their sound is reminiscent [or influenced by] some of the best Bay Area bands such as Testament and or Exodus. This is mostly in the riffing department as guitarist/vocalist Dave Silver throws in plenty of choice chunky riffs throughout and some fancy lead licks to boot. Enter 2012 and the band has done a complete about-face. On their new release I feel as though they are shedding their basic “thrash-by-numbers” sound perhaps and have turned in a much more mature-sounding bunch of tracks. Kudos for adding the extra dose of melodies and finely detailed song arrangements throughout! All of the songs are catchy and memorable, yet heavy.
    Fans of Metal Church, Fates Warning, Savatage, Megadeth, Testament and Exodus should eat this up.

    Soulfallen - The Promise of Hell 2012 death/dark metal 9.00
    Soulfallen - Grave New World (reissue w/3 bonus tracks) 2012 death/dark metal 9.00
    "The lyrics are well written and escapes a little from the traditional themes from black metal, having a more delusional, disappointed vibe, a saturnine approach to it."
    ”The Promise Of Hell” on erittäin mielenkiintoinen yhdistelmä melankoliaa, raskasta metallia sekä sinfonisia melodioita. Se tuo hetkittäin melankolisuudessaan mieleen Amorphiksen vanhemman tuotannon tai Insomniumin, ja toisinaan se yltää mahtipontisuudessaan jopa Therionin tasolle. Sankarilliset orkesterikuviot tuovat hetkittäin mieleen Turisaksen, kun taas majesteettisissa kohdissa yhtye lähenee jopa Dimmu Borgiria. Unohtamatta tietenkään mainita, että muutamin kohdin havaitsen lieviä Cradle Of Filth-vaikutteita. Melkoisen sopan on siis yhtye keittänyt.

    Woods of Ypres - Woods 4: The Green Album 2011 stoner/doom 12.00
    Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light 2012 stoner/doom 12.00
    A fitting tribute to Woods Of Ypres 10 year existence, David had even recently stated that this was the happiest he had been with any of the bands albums and it sits comfortably alongside the best that Type O Negative, Katatonia and Sentenced have to offer.

    Pre-order titles

    Rival Sons - Pressure & Time Redux CD+DVD [19.03.2012] rock action
    A Sound Of Thunder - Out of the Darkness [29.03.2012] heavy/power metal
    Dark Empire - From Refuge to Ruin [29.03.2012] progressive death/thrash metal
    Hemina - Synthetic [29.03.2012] progressive metal
    Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration digipack [17.04.2012] grindcore
    De Profundis - The Emptiness Within [11.05.2012] progressive death metal
  2. jpmuikku

    jpmuikku Member

    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 27.03.2012

    Now available
    Secrets of The Moon - Seven Bells (cd) 7.50
    Secrets of The Moon - Seven Bells (ltd. digipack) 12.00
    Secrets of The Moon - Seven Bells (CD+DVD box) 39.00

    Some Earache titles on sale on €8.00 (Carnival in Coal, Dawn Of Relic, Entwined, Exmortem, Extreme Noise Terror, Farmakon, Forest Stream, Fudge Tunnel, Gandalf, Lawnmower Deth, Lunaris, Scorn etc).
  3. jpmuikku

    jpmuikku Member

    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 31.03.2012

    Rival Sons! Bändi joka tänä vuonna palauttaa rokin Ruisrokkiin ja hevin Ilosaareen!!!

    Rival Sons - Pressure & Time (CD) €9.00
    Rival Sons - Pressure & Time Redux (CD+DVD) €12.00

    Monesti lafkat tekevät aika paskoja uusintapainoksia puolivillaisilla tuherodemobonuksilla, mutta Earachen julkaisema Pressure & Time redux tarjoaa rahoille vastinetta! Kaksi bonusbiisiä, neljä livevideota, kaksi videoclippiä, uusi kansitaide. Eikä ole todellakaan hinnalla pilattu!

    Aenaon - Cendres Et Sang 9.00
    progressive black metal -
    On viewing Aenaon's history - one would expect different. While the band consists of members of Varathron, Disolvo Animus and Nethescerial, Aenaon resembles none of these bands but instead branches out to be something entirely different, proficient in its category and place. If you are a fan of bands such as Shining, Code, DHG, Deathspell Omega - you should check out Aenaon immediately. And if you are a supporter of the underground scene, perhaps you have just found the best underground extreme metal album of 2011.

    Atrox - Orgasm 9.00
    avantgarde gothic metal?
    For being Atrox's most accessible album, Orgasm is still pretty damn inaccessible. Listening to Monika sing is like being afflicted with A.D.D. and going through mood swings every 30 seconds, which actually comes across as a mostly tolerable and oddly enjoyable experience.

    Crown of Autumn - Splendours from the Dark 9.00
    Crown of Autumn - The Treasures Arcane - Transfigurated Edition 9.00
    Already with the opening track, ‘Templeisen’, is becomes clear that the Crown has chosen for a different musical path for this album. We can hardly speak of symphonic black metal anymore and also the folk-influences have been reduces quite a lot. On the other hand progressive heavy metal is playing a bigger role on the record, which is mostly revealed in the clean vocal part. The clean vocals are quite dominantly present and also the guest vocals of female singer Milena Saracino give a “helping hand” on the album’s sound. However, the band has again come up with a lot of atmosphere, only this time more towards gothic. The dark atmosphere combined with the in-deep-voice-spoken pieces and doomy grunts also remind me a lot of Rotting Christ in the ‘A Dead Poem’ and especially ‘Speel Of The Angels’ era.

    Crysalys - The Awakening of Gaia 9.00
    A new voice in symphonic metal has arrived, one that is ready to mesmerize us all with voices of sirens and the destruction of Earth, and change the world with a movement as simple and decisive as a flap of a butterfly's wing.

    Disguise - Second Coming 9.00
    After 13 years of career Disguise give life to their most mature, complete and personal creature. "Second Coming" reaches the highest levels of aggressivity giving voice to the most hateful and insane feelings of the human sickness. Perverse vocals and sorrowful atmospheres in the old Mayhem style, are the frame for a violent Black Metal with shades of modern Metal, enriched by the assault of the Death Metal as only Satyricon, Dark Funeral and Marduk have been able to performing during the last years. It's a devastating work and will hit you like a merciless storm that will suddenly come on your heads!

    Drakkar - When Lightning Strikes (digipack) 9.00
    Drakkar is one of the prime movers of the Italian Power Metal scene, together with Rhapsody Of Fire & Labyrinth! Drakkar sound is powerful, aggressive, epic and at the same time very melodic. They represents a band which shows a great respect and devotion towards the classic and traditional Heavy Metal but at the same way has the courage to find a personal and modern approach to the typical Power Metal sound! "When Lightning Strikes" it's once again an epic concept album that melds powerful riffs, majestic melodies and a true Metal attitude with classic science fiction concept behind it all!

    Hail Spirit Noir - Pneuma (digipack) 9.00
    Psychedelic black metal?
    Where to begin...Yeah, Pneuma is definitely evil sounding, but Christ almighty, is it ever a blast to listen to! Take some post- type riffs found in Nachtmystium's latest album Addicts, now make them catchier, with a bit more bounce, have those riffs drift in and out of some rockabilly-esque guitar work that sounds like it belongs in some cheap 1950's horror movie. Liking it? It gets better; throw some organ behind it a la Acid Witch, then give it some gritty recent Darkthrone type vocals, and you've got the general idea...Until the later half of the album kicks in, then you're looking at something closer to Opeth during their 70's prog rock worship moments.

    Hate Inc. - Art of Suffering 9.00
    Absolutely one of the most surprising and modern Italian bands. HATE INC.’s sound is a combination of Industrial metal of North-european descent mixed with American influences and with some rockish shades. An interesting mix of energy, anger, desperation and melody, all entwined with electronics. The most influencing band for Hate Inc.’s sound is Ministry, but also bands like Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke. The album is produced by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.)!

    Johann Wolfgang Pozoj - Birth of Pozoj 9.00
    Johann Wolfgang Pozoj - Escape of Pozoj 9.00
    Mystical black metal? -
    “Escape of Pozoj” is unquestionably a black metal album, but it isn’t freezing cold and doesn’t always keep up an overbearing assault. There is a constant air of melody in the mayhem and an overall feel of mysticism. The blast beats don’t even make an appearance until the third track, and they are only used when it fits the sound, which shows the band isn’t particularly interested in sticking to an overused formula just because it’s expected of a black metal band.

    Majestic Downfall - The Blood Dance (A5 Digibook) 9.00
    The personal favourite of death/doom metal has been Australia's The Dead, with their slightly progressive take on the genre, but what Majestic Downfall presents on their latest offering is something more straightforward and emotional, and would perhaps please fans of bands such as Draconian. With the album opener The Blood Dance and the soothing acoustic guitars, it would almost trick listeners into thinking that this would be a light-hearted journey, but once the growls of band mastermind (and multi-instrumentalist) Jacobo and the heavy, crushing guitars come in, any such impressions are dispelled as the listener is instead brought on an emotional, almost heart-wrenching hour-long ride. The vocals of Jacobo alternates between a low growl and shouts, and he manages to display whatever sadness that is present, dragging out the syllables on the lyrics and injecting them with an almost desperate sense. At times, Jacobo also makes use of clean vocals on the album as backup vocals for his growls, and this helps in further bringing out the desolation in the music.

    Negura Bunget - Poarta de Dincolo (mcd) 7.50
    In general the new material finds the band in much the same mode, continuing their legacy as if the rift and lineup shifts had never occurred. Remaining is the textured poly-instrumentation, the naturalistic production treatment, the harsh, desperation-drenched vocals, and the multitude of blackened and atmospheric riff stylings. In fact, Poarta de Dincolo seems even more a product of the older days than Vîrstele Pamîntului. Whereas the latest full-length incorporated a few new elements into the band’s historic-folk-prog-black metal, as well as a more free-form compositional approach, the first three tracks of Poarta de Dincolo could easily be outtakes from either n’Crugu Bradului or OM.

    Niobeth - Silvery Moonbeams 9.00
    Niobeth´s characteristic style put together powerful riffs and drums with an important melodic charge, great orchestration and lyrical voice, getting influences from several Metal genres (like thrash, progressive, gothic, power...) as well as from Classical Music (specially from Baroque and Romanticism) and, sometimes, from Folk. In their songs it´s usual to find passages of high elegance and with a lot of arrangements, sometimes with some theatricality."The perfect union between metal and classical music. The elegance and pulchritude of classical music hold hands with the strengh, heaviness and power of heavy metal inside of baroque and progressive structures that invite to discover new corners in every listen".

    Phase Reverse - Phase Reverse 9.00
    The descriptions of this band all seem to be on the fence as to how they should be classified; in fact, the bio on their label’s website mentions “a perfect mix of Heaviness, Groove and Melody: not quite Metal, not quite Rock, but the best of both!” This is pretty accurate, much in the way a band like Temple of the Dog, Tantric, or Candlebox had a very groove-laden rock sound, with memorable melodic vocals but plenty of metal-tinged heaviness.

    So Much For Nothing - Livsgnist 9.00
    The foundation for So Much For Nothing's music is in depressive black metal (in other words, there won't be very many blast beats or furious tremolo picking on this album), but the band doesn't stick to the conventions of the genre very often. Somewhat similarly to their fellow Scandinavians in Shining, So Much For Nothing does take the genre and run with it - the music on Livsgnist is very polished and well-produced, and there are enough progressive overtones to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

    Stielas Storhett - Expulse 9.00
    When was the last time you heard a new band that was tagged as depressive with actual riffs?

    Story of Jade - The Damned Next Door thrash/horror metal 9.00
    Story Of Jade worked to create a mixture of Old School Heavy-Thrash, modern sound and Horrorific atmospheres with ironic lyrics. The album has been produced by Carlo Bellotti and Alessandro Paolucci, recorded at Westlink Recorders and mastered at Principal Studios in in Senden (Germany) by Vincent Sorg (Caliban, Grave Digger, In Extremo).The record includes the song featuring FLEGIAS from the metal legends NECRODEATH.

    The Axis Of Perdition - Tenements (of the Anointed Flesh) 9.00
    This latest release, Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh) offers a twist on their black metal sound (cf. 'The Ichneumon Method (and other less welcome techniques)'), but also new innovations which give this album the very curiosities which will urge the listener to rediscover new, loathsome secrets embedded in the sound like a bot fly maggot in one's flesh. To begin with, it is as structured as The Axis of Perdition could ever make their music, which of course is entirely amorphous, however, it has 'hooks' and riffs which could be identified as 'verses' if you used your imagination. This may be down to the use of Dan Mullins on actual drums, rather than the drum programming of previous albums. On that issue, the drums create something unique in The Axis of Perdition, they can be used not only for time-keeping or providing a percussive background to the riffs at hand, but can take on a life of their own, like a machine with revolving gears coming to life with Mullins' rolling blastbeats.

    Your Tomorrow Alone - Ordinary Lives 9.00
    Their musical style, influenced by British Gothic/Doom metal of bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, is enriched by progressive nuances that trace back to the 70’s rock scene, as well as reminding of the suspended and rarified and intimate atmospheres of bands like Opeth. "Ordinary Lives" signs a new step in the great tradition of the Italian Gothic Doom scene with great acts like Novembre, The Sun Of Weakness, En Declin. Just don’t be afraid to be enchanted by the pathos of these 9 gems of decadent sonorous beauty.
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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 07.04.2012

    A Sound Of Thunder - Out of the Darkness CD €12.00
    A Sound of Thunder delivers timeless metal with a focus on melodic, memorable songs with a "sardonic twist". Lead vocalist Nina Osegueda is a rare example of a metal frontwoman who delivers powerful, lung-busting performances more akin to Bruce Dickinson than Amy Lee. The band combines traditional heavy metal with elements of modern power metal, '60s and '70s blues based proto-metal combined with prog rock.

    Dark Empire - From Refuge to Ruin €12.00
    Dark Empire occupies an elusive space in the genre spectrum, being one of the most versatile crossover bands I can think of. Ultimately, From Refuge To Ruin is a metal record. Innovative and challenging, for sure, but saying no to those riffs and the passion with which they are played, is saying no to metal in general. For Fans of: Symphony X, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Evergrey.

    Dillinger Escape Plan - s/t (digipack reissue) €€8.00
    The self-titled debut album from American mathcore band THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN has been reissued by Earache Records. Originally released in 1997, the album immediately created a stir in both hardcore and metal circles with its intensity and technical approach, that blew their contemporaries away and helped create the Mathcore genre, a technically precise sound mixed with a wide range of influences from hardcore to jazz to metal and beyond just in case you were wondering, alongside the likes of Coalesce, Converge, Candiria and Botch!

    Hemina - Synthetic CD €12.00
    HEMINA are a unique voice in the ever-growing world of Progressive Metal. With a crystal-clear mix provided by Progressive Metal Veteran, Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark (Helloween, Circus Maximus, Redemption, Seventh Wonder, Jorn), the band deliver a dynamic and sumptuous adventure. For those who enjoy music that bears depth, emotion and passion. For fans of Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Ayreon, Yes, Devin Townsend, Genesis, Pink Floyd.
    'Synthetic' is an eclectic journey of fresh and exploratory sound ranging from multi-part epics such as 'To Conceive a Plan' and 'Divine', to passionate ballads in 'For All Wrong Reasons', and hard hitting rockers like 'With What I See' and 'Haunting Me!'. The album presents itself as a 79+ three-dimensional adventure through segued tracks of varying dynamics.
  5. jpmuikku

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 19.04.2012

    Blessed Curse - S/T CD 9.00
    I felt a pretty decent mixture of both American and European Thrash through the trio of the Thrash combination from the USA, BLESSED CURSE, earlier known as DEVASTATOR. Their self-titled debut via Cyclone Empire maintains the likes and sound of evilized Thrash just as it was played by KREATOR, EXMORTUS and SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER yet also holds the classic direction of DEATH ANGEL, HEATHEN, TESTAMENT and early METALLICA. I was glad that these guys kept close also to the Bay Area style as I felt that it only enriched their music.

    Darkness By Oath - Near Death Experience CD 9.00
    Darkness by Oath’s influences are fairly see-through – the band’s core sound and riffs are almost directly taken from Slaughter of the Soul and given that the band’s earliest recordings included an At the Gates tribute compilation contribution, that really comes as no surprise. Near Death Experience does have a few things going for it though. Whilst the band’s sound is very generic at times, it is executed with precision – the production is clean and polished but with a sense of aggression still very much intact. The album isn’t simply full-speed ahead, there’s a good amount of tempo changes and shifts, with chugging parts that sometimes nod towards Amon Amarth in their prime. The vocals are also rather noteworthy, sometimes imitating Tomas Lindberg’s delivery rather closely but then developing other tones, exploring a much wider range of harsh vocal styles. Really, the band have a lot going for them as musicians – there simply aren’t many bad things to say about the execution at all, and whilst not exceptional the songs themselves are decent fare.

    Frailty - Melpomene CD 7.00
    The second full-length by Frailty has Art Nouveau-like artwork. This means this band steps away from the standards that most doom/death albums use and it tells a bit about the band that tells they don’t want to copy. You will notice that a bit within the music on ‘Melpomene’ as well. Where lots of bands basically cite from bands like My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost I come up with the name Rotting Christ when listening to this album by this Latvian band. Of course you have to think of albums like ‘Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers’ and ‘A Dead Poem’ from our Greek friends. Frailty does sound a lot more like a doom/death band though and does have some really slow parts within their songs. Another band I hear bits and pieces from is Swallow The Sun. Those bands mentioned should give you a general idea though.

    Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration (digipack) 11.00
    Repressed as "Full Dynamic Range" (FDR) audio using the original Masters and Artwork.
    With bonus tracks:
    27. The Curse (Taken From The Original 'Feto' Vinyl Pressing Bonus 7")
    28. Scum (Taken From The 'North Atlantic Noise Attack' Compilation)
    29. Life? (Taken From The 'North Atlantic Noise Attack' Compilation)
    30. Retreat To Nowhere (Taken From The 'North Atlantic Noise Attack' Compilation)
    31. Internal Animosity (Taken From The 'Pathological' Compilation)

    Sol Invictus - King & Queen (digipack) 12.00
    Originally released in 1992 and long time out of print, "King & Queen" receives its well deserved re-release. Apart form the established upgrade of the packing (limited portrait digipak, revised artwork, liner notes) also the content receives its well-deserved bonus: the original album is accompanied by eight bonus tracks - all of them live recordings from 1990 and 1991 - which have previously only been available on the rare and strictly limited LP "Rite Of Spring".

    Sol Invictus - Black Europe (digipack w/DVD) 14.90
    Like some kind of conclusion, the last Sol Invictus re-release will be the live recording "Black Europe" including many of the bands classics. Coming in its established upgraded format (portrait digipak with new artwork and linernotes by Tony Wakeford), the re-release additionally benefits from a bonus DVD documenting a Tony Wakeford solo concert in Lyon from 1993.

    Suspyre - Suspyre CD 12.00
    This collection of music portrays a tonal palette of progressive rock, metal, jazz fusion, funk, and pop. We are very excited to release such a diverse album; fusing the rhythms of funk with the heaviness of metal and harmony of jazz brings new life to the metal genre.

    Taas varastossa:
    Antimatter - Leaving Eden CD 12.00
    Dark Suns - Swanlike CD 9.00
    Sol Invictus - Trees In Winter (digipack) 12.00
    Soulspell - The Labyrinth of Truths CD 13.00
    Soulspell - A Legacy of Honor CD 13.00
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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 25.04.2012

    De Lirium's Order - Veniversum CD 12.00
    3rd album from this Finnish technical death metal outfit. Sharp as always, but not overproduced. Featuring new vocalist Kari Olli (of Pressure Points fame) plus two quest vocal contributions from Lars Eikind (of Before The Dawn fame).

    Din Brad - Dor (digipack) 12.00
    "Dor" uses traditional authentic Romanian folklore music as a way to capture forgotten times and feelings. Nature, hills and mountains, deep waters, blue skies, hidden forests, home, a spiritual presence, places where the soul feels free, alienation - these elements describe "Dor" as a unique Romanian feature.

    Mesetiah - A Force To Recognize CD 9.00
    "A Force To Recognize" is the sophomore effort from Finnish Death Metal band MESETIAH. Drawing on an old school influence of the 90s style, listeners will find this effort similar to the last: gritty and somewhat groovy. Traces of bands from INCANTATION for the low vocals and demo like production to give a bit of a live feel to the music all the way to the groove of SIX FEET UNDER are heard spread throughout this album, and with those influences come pros and cons.

    Sol Invictus - Let Us Prey (2cd digipack) 14.90
    ‘Let Us Prey’ isn’t just another live album or another proof for the live qualities of Tony Wakeford and his musicians. This album – which was originally released back in 1992 and hasn’t been available for a long time – features the recording of an acoustic concert that was performed in London on April 4th, 1992. Apart from the original recordings, this re-release is customarily enhanced by a revised artwork, liner notes, and bonus tracks. The latter are featured on an exclusive bonus CD documenting yet another, previously unreleased Tony Wakeford performance in the legendary New York venue CBGB’s.

    Sol Invictus - Cupid & Death (digipack) 12.00
    Similar to ‘La Croix’, ‘Cupid & Death’ was originally released in 1996 as a solo album by Tony Wakeford. At Wakeford’s explicit request, this acoustic jewel is now re-released under the name of Sol Invictus and is thus made a part of the Neofolk legend’s oeuvre.

    Teramaze - Anhedonia CD 12.00
    Something is brewing in Australia and its name is Teramaze and courtesy of Nightmare Records they have delivered a long awaited follow-up to their nearly forgotten releases of 1995 & 1997. A long and tumultuous journey it has been, but here is AnhedoniA. Part progressive; part thrash; part melodic; all heavy metal.
    The songs are an amalgam of technical proficiency and heavy metal bombast. The melodies offered by Rerekura tie the tracks together, while adding an almost hypnotic atmosphere to the songs. Soaring with Acts of Reparation, plowing along through AnhedoniA or driving through Black Circles, these songs grab a hold and force you to simply engage. Where the Dead Grow offers another blending of power and subtlety, the melody is almost creamy.
    AnhedoniA is an absolutely killer melodic progressive metal release.
  7. jpmuikku

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 06.05.2012

    Uutta & restock

    Agruss - Morok Digipack 10.00
    The earth-shaking power of Agruss’s sound owes to its squelchingly multi-layered black metal guitar tones, the imposingly technical drumming, and most distinctively the dual vocals, which vie in repulsive fashion between horridly deep gurgle and ghastly scream. Morok is at times thuggishly simplistic, and at other points obtuse and abstract (see the slow-burning murk of 17 minute final track Under the Snow part III). It is thus a deeply multifaceted album that belies its status as a debut. If its freewheeling approach to composition makes it seem a youthful record, it is permeated by a gloomy atmosphere that would elude most funeral doom or DSBM veterans.

    Akphaezya - Anthology IV Digipack 10.00
    After listening to the new album by Akphaezya, I believe the term avant-garde metal pales in comparison to what these guys (and girl) have created. Not only do they blend jazz, folk, gothic, stoner etc. into a tasteful sound, but they also add a lively personality to their songs with a cast of different characters and a wide range of emotions. On top of that, the whole album is an ancient Greek theater play (don’t be mistaken, it’s a totally fresh plot created by Stephan, the guitarist), so most of the songs have Greek titles and also Nehl sings some famous ancient Greek quotes.
    Highly recommended for fans of Diablo Swing Orchestra, UneXpect, System of a Down, Mastodon, Ephel Duath, Atrox, The Gathering, Stolen Babies etc.

    Boothill Regulators - Degradation of the West CD 12.00
    Ennio Morricone has released loads of awesome music throughout the years, and so have Hank Williams and Slayer. Add these alongside with Social Distortion, Entombed, Johnny Cash and Danzig and you’ll get the mixture that is “Degragation of the West”. This is music for the fat guys and skinny girls as a tribute to guns, tattoos, westerns, hookers and black labels. This trip is free from tourists and screaming children. Enjoy your ride towards the land of the black gold.

    Carnal Demise - S/T CD 12.00
    Debyytillään Carnal Demise tarjoilee omanlaista voimaa ja energiaa, joka ei vauhtia pelkää. Tältä kuulostaa lopun aikojen pulssi.
    Carnal Demise on viiden miekkosen muodostama, vuonna 2007 perustettu kokoonpano Kuopiosta. Yhtyeen musiikki on sekoitus tarttuvia melodioita, kuolonmetallin aggresiivisuutta sekä rokkaavia riffejä vahvassa Entombed-hengessä. Carnal Demisen viimeisin demojulkaisu kantoi nimeä Manmade 666, joka huomioitiin hyvin niin medioiden kuin kuulijoidenkin toimesta. Julkaisu nostettiin kuukauden demoksi mm. Imperiumissa, Miasmassa sekä Infernossa Aadolf Virtasen demopalstalla.

    Insision - Beneath The Folds of Flesh CD 10.00
    Insision - Ikon Digipack 10.00

    L'alba Di Morrigan - The Essence Remains CD 10.00
    The band follows the great tradition of bands like A Perfect Circle, Katatonia, Anathema, Isis offering with their debut album "The Essence Remains" a wide range of emotions in some moments more refined and psichedelic, in others very aggressive. The great impact and evocative vocals, the dreaming progressive tones of the rhythmic session and the gracefull and powerfull at the same time sound of the guitars lines are the main elements of their wonderful artsitic expression. Featuring on "The Essence Remains" Frank Default (Katatonia and Bloodbath) as well as Helder Pedro for the art work (God Is An Astronaut, Callisto, and Jacob).

    Llvme - Yia De Nuesu CD 10.00
    Doom melodies of desperation, the epicity of Pagan Metal and the beauty of the traditional pagan Leonese Folk... this all is LLVME sound where typical Extreme Metal structures characterized by a strong Doom Metal background are enriched with the beauty of Celtic violins and bagpipes arrangements and by wondeful female vocals. You will find in Llvme a new way of playing extreme music, a new experience that could not leave you indifferent! It’s a must for all fans of My Dying Bride, Moonspell, Primordial and Doom Pagan Metal in general.

    Levania - Parasynthesis CD 10.00
    Their songs are based on several inspirations and influences: it’s not therefore a proper definition to label them as a pure "gothic metal" band. Perhaps Gothic-Epic-Death-Metal is a more appropriate definition for Levania music and composing style, although the Death Metal elements are not perhaps so in your face as one may expect from the above definition.

    Morian - Ashen Empire CD 12.00
    Vaikeuksien kautta voitoon on sanonta, jota toisinaan käytetään vähän liiankin lepsusti. Sitten on Morian-yhtyeen kaltaisia tapauksia, jotka nostavat kyseisen fraasin merkityksen uudelle tasolle ja pakottavat toteamaan, että tuskaisesta tilanteesta voi oikeasti saada aikaan merkityksellisimmän tekonsa. Tämä teko on nimeltään Ashen Empire, Morianin toinen täyspitkä julkaisu.
    Ashen Empire on runnottu kasaan Aksu Hantun hellässä huomassa, jonka avustuksella levylle on luotu raikkaan painostava äänimaailma täynnä aitoa rock-röyhkeyttä. Sävellyksellisesti Morian vie kuulijan omalle lähes tavaramerkitylle polulleen, joka on valaistu särmikkäillä kertosäkeillä ja tappomelodioilla, aina metallista poppiin.

    Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption Digipack 11.00
    Originally released in 1990, 'Harmony Corruption' took Napalm Death into a ore Death Metal direction and showcased the new line up of Mick Harris, Shane Embury, Mark 'Barney' Greenway, Jesse Pintado and Mitch Harris.
    The digipak CD version of this release includes 14 bonus live songs recorded live at London's ICA in June 1990, including a Godflesh cover featuring a guest appearance from Justin Broadrick.

    The Way of Purity - Crosscore CD 10.00
    The Way of Purity - Biteback MCD 7.00
    Militant Metalcore Terrorism.

    Todtgelichter - Angst CD 10.00
    “Angst” is the new album of German band Todtgelichter, who have definitely broken with their past of classic Teutonic BM and with this new album have produced a terrific masterpiece, a record that will literally blow you away. We might call it Post-Metal with Black influences, but that would be belittling because “Angst” is courageous, original, powerful, catchy, deep, moving and bloodily grand; in short, a record that cannot be ignored or confused with the tasteless tide that has been flooding the music market lately. “Angst” breaks powerfully in all senses and after hundreds plays hasn’t lost a bit of its emotional intensity and ability to surprise.
  8. jpmuikku

    jpmuikku Member

    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary 17.05.2012

    Abhordium - When Depravity Incarnates Digipack 12.00
    Finnish death/black metal.

    Atretic Intestine - Encased CD 12.00
    Their music combines elements from various sub-genres of death metal: Agonizing aspects and sinister melodies from old school death metal. Pounding riffs with groovy rhythms and guttural vocals from brutal death metal. Finished with rapid blast beats and twisted harmonies and speed picking from modern technical death metal.

    Autumnblaze - Perdition Diaries CD 4.00
    "Anyone into melancholic doom metal/dark metal without unnecessary flourishes, but with expressive melodies and vocals should definitely get Autumnblaze's rebirth 'Perdition Diaries' – highly recommended!" (KULTURTERRORISMUS.DE)

    Coredust - Decent Death CD 12.00
    Hellsinki thrash/groove metal.

    Dark Days Ahead -The Long Road South CD 12.00
    Melodic death/thrash metal, from Finland.

    De Profundis - The Emptiness Within CD 10.00
    In despite of roots in the doom/death and black metal scene, this music does not sound grim, but fluent like lava coming out of a semi-awoken volcano, giving you some fireworks from time to time. Masterly! (Lords of Metal)

    Havoc Unit - H.IV+ RMSTRD CD 9.00
    "It's not without reason that I mentioned DHG, Aborym and Blacklodge. This album compares very favourably with some of their work, as well as that of other bands like Red Harvest. If you're a fan of any of those bands, I can absolutely recommend H.IV+; if you're a fan of all of them, this album is a genuine must-have."

    Lunaris - The Infinite CD 8.00
    Lunaris - Cyclic CD 8.00
    Obviously, technical-progressive Norwegian-styled blackened metal is the logical conclusion, but Lunaris is more than just a sum of its parts. Billed as “Intricate Astral Metal,” Lunaris pushes the limits of each of the aforementioned bands of Lunaris’ members, yet still manages to sound like none of them in particular. The sounds of Borknagar and Spiral Architect are obviously evident, though in parts of the album, Lunaris sounds quite a bit like Cynic in terms of musicianship and song structure. More than just Norwegian in style, the band also incorporates a fair amount of classic heavy metal riffs and leads into the project.

    Pilgrim Fathers - Short Circular Walks In The Hope Valley CD 4.00
    “Music for astronauts to die to” is how Pilgrim Fathers describe their sound, which is as good a description as any, we guess. In ‘Short Circular Walks…’ the northeners have created a curious and remarkable record steeped in bold experimentation and heady cosmic vibes. Post-rock dynamics come to the fore on ‘Nine Hands Of The Octopus’, with frontman Shelf (ex-3 Stages Of Pain) adopting a soulful bluesy croon, while elsewhere ‘Fistfull Of Bags (Full Of Riffs)’ matches rambunctious rock ‘n’ roll with prog-tastic keyboard noodling. Sad and spirited in equal measures, this should appeal to anyone with a taste for daring musical adventure. Space is most definitely the place. FOR FANS OF: Hawkwind, Black Mountain, Clutch

    Psychema - The Entry Point CD 12.00
    The pressure for bands to write in odd time signatures and come up with the most intricate guitar parts can sometimes be too much, and these progressive albums end up sounding like they were made by a computer. Such is not the case for Psychema’s The Entry Point. While not groundbreaking, the band manages to bring some humanity to the world of progressive metal with a tasteful, yet impressive debut album that showcases more of a songwriting aspect that technicality.

    Napalm Death - Utopia Banished Digipack 11.00
    "Utopia Banished" is without a doubt faster and most extreme version of what "Harmony Corruption" could have been, but instead they took one step forward and two steps back. The album is a total of 15 songs of pure death metal-influenced grind core in the fact that it's more extreme than death metal, but too well-produced and too well-played for most grind core bands to even attempt at playing.
    Bonus tracks: 16. One and the Same 17. Sick and Tired 18. Malignant Trait
    19. Killing With Kindness

    Taas varastossa:
    Dark The Suns - All Ends in Silence Digipack 12.00
    Mar De Grises - The Tatterdemalion Express CD 7.00
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    Csongrad, Hungary 06.06.2012

    Avian - From the Depths of Time (w/3 bonus tracks) CD 12.00
    In 2005, AVIAN released their debut album, From The Depths of Time to both fan and critical acclaim. The lineup featured vocalist Lance King known for his work with PYRAMAZE and BALANCE OF POWER, and a very special guest appearance by legendary bassist David Ellefson of MEGADETH fame who played bass on the album. Additional credits include mastering by Tommy Hansen best known for his work with HELLOWEEN and breathtaking artwork created by Mattias Noren.

    Dead For Days - Creating Murderous Domain CD 7.00
    This is an interesting album in that it's an example of what happens to NYDM when all the groove is removed. This doesn't make it just a flurry of blasting and technical tremolo riffing (though there is plenty of that), but the groove is replaced with churning, equally technical midpaced sections. The band's music recalls a more technical (and competent) version of early Dying Fetus for the most part, minus the proto-slam and typically more interesting; the NYDM sound is full if demonstrated in a way very different from, say, Skinless. It's a fairly interesting piece- if you're a brutal death devotee anyway.

    Electrocution - Inside The Unreal (20th anniversay edition) CD 11.00
    Overall, this album is Floridian at heart, taking most of its influence from Morbid Angel. However, the bass sound and technicality definitively have that Atheist flair, yet sound distinctly different from Atheist. In that sense, Electrocution have a sound that is, at least to some extent, their own. This is an album filled with very solid riffs and well composed songs that any casual fan of the Floridian sound is pretty much guaranteed to enjoy, and as someone who loves the Floridian sound, I can’t help but recommend this obscure gem to everyone, because it’s downright great.

    Enthrallment - People from the Lands of Vit CD 9.00
    ENTHRALLMENT's music is brutal yet technical, early 90's era death metal. All instruments play a major role in the formation of every intense song. The string section is totally heavy and sick, delivering riff after memorable riff. Driving percussion blasts and pounds and ultimately reinterprets shredding riffs into headbang-inducing hooks, while intensely pissed off guttural vocals deliver the sadistic sermon. Their sound has been compared to Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Devourment.

    Eternal Deformity - The Beauty of Chaos CD 11.00
    Think older-era Opeth at their most haunting, then combine it with Arcturus' love of cosmic spacey-ness.

    Evemaster - III CD 9.00
    Definitely one of those Finnish metal albums that virtually anyone can plug into their psyche, III has a versatility and familiarity that is hard to deny. As we noted above, the first four jams on the album are worth the price of admission alone and when stacked against fellow Finnish metal luminaries, Evemaster looks pretty formidable in their own right.

    Kreyskull - Year of the Octopus CD 9.00
    Finnish Black Sabbath/Saint Vitus heavy/doom worship from members of Demonic Death Judge, Total Devastation ja Domination Black.

    Madison Roam - Madison Roam CD 9.00
    Finnish rock of modern variety.

    Morian - Ashen Empire CD 9.00
    'Ashen Empire' is the long anticipated second album from the Finnish metal band Morian. Produced and engineered by Aksu Hanttu of Entwine, 'Ashen Empire' is the follow-up to the 2007 debut album 'Sentinels of the Sun'.
    Originally typical Finnish gothic metal, this new release shows bands more progressive side, without forgetting the melodic rock edge. Think todays Katatonia, Sinisthra, Shadow Garden, The Chant in one pot, without mixing them together.

    Natur - Head of Death CD 12.00
    Deliberately archaic, Natur take delight in highlighting the eerie atmospheres of the Metal heroes of yore - Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch and Venom - and adding their own twisted vision of the horror and fantastical that make up their world.

    Order of Nine - Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror CD 12.00
    Dark, Symphonic, Emotive, Progressive and Shred....all descriptives that have been used in association w/ Order of Nine and their music...However true, Order of Nine is more, playing their own brand of Metal, a perfect amalgam of Thrash and accessible Progressive Metal with the dark voice of a seven foot vampyre, reminiscent of Peter Steele and lower register Geoff Tate albeit having a rather engaging airy rasp that neither the aforementioned share.

    Putrid Pile - Collection of Butchery CD 7.00
    So, in conclusion, it's musical candy for brutal death metal fans and pretty much exclusively for them. It's dumb and heavy and fast and well-executed, so listen to it if you like songs about people getting set on fire.

    Rage My Bitch - Fell on Black Season CD 9.00

    Sacred Oath - Spells and Incantations Digipack 12.00
    Derailed in the late ’80s and reformed in the last ten years, Sacred Oath has much quality material to cover. The band started out as the brain-child of singer/mega-singer Rob Thorne and bassist Pete Altieri in smalltown Connecticut — forming a force that is progressive power metal by nature (think of an offspring of Maiden and Blizzard of Ozz). And Thorne is such a quality singer, in the vein of a Geoff Tate.

    Served Dead - Servants Arise CD 9.00
    Getting the album started, "The March" begins with a rather symphonic feel, eerily reminiscent of Vader's "Para Bellum" or pretty much any Carach Angren interlude minus the piano, paving the way for a relentless war-themed onslaught. That "feel" never abides, yet it never overwhelms, which makes for a much smoother listen than what one normally expects listening to this style of music. The guitar melodies are definitely the highlight of the album here - so much so the symphonic elements are more or less there for support rather than for juxtaposition. For those who appreciate extreme metal incorporating symphonies and the like into their music without going over the top, this is definitely a bonus. Others might feel less appreciative if they were hoping for a predominantly symphonic release.

    Shadowside - Inner Monster Out CD 12.00
    This demonically delightful array of melodic metal music is a headbangers dream and the fact that lead singer Dani Nolden is as good looking as she is talented doesn't hurt either. Her dynamic vocal ability along with the superior guitar skills of Raphael Mattos makes this third release from the band a disc that should make them a force to be reckoned with in the power metal world.

    Soulhealer - The Kings of Bullet Alley (special edition) CD 9.00
    The band has managed to update the Classic 80's sound into modern times environment. Yet this is not a tribute thing but more about living today and not forgetting the legacy of classic era. For references think bands like Zero Nine, Tarot, the obvious Iron Maiden, Accept and Judas Priest, but also American side of classic things like Dokken, Lynch Mob, Ratt, Tesla.

    Syn Ze Sase Tri - Sub Semnul Lupului digipack 11.00
    The riffs, regardless of tempo, seem to always manage to be incredibly infectious, whether playing at a stomping march, or full-blown blast beat driven black metal. As stated before, they've managed to make all the whole synth/symphonic/folkish aspect of this album integral without making it a crutch. All this spells out is just great song writing, which is the most important part of it. This a must listen for anyone who loves clean, epic black metal.

    Theatres Des Vampires - Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 Artbook 19.80
    Deluxe Limited Special DVD + Audio CD in double hardbook cover case with 40 page booklet in special paper.

    The Chant - A Healing Place CD 9.00
    Original Finnish pressing!

    Valfreya - Path To Eternity CD 12.00
    With ‘Path to Eternity’ you’ll get carried away to an era where myths and legends are an everyday reality. This sextet from Montreal, Canada lead by their charismatic and warrior-like frontwoman, deliver a catchy and aggressive, epic album within the viking/folk metal genre.

    Go here
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    Csongrad, Hungary 22.06.2012

    Bilocate - Summoning The Bygones 11.00
    Bilocate's Summoning the Bygones is a massive effort in the progressive gothic melodic death metal department, and fans of Paradise Lost, early The Gathering, Ecnephias and Crematory should definitely check it out.

    Buzz Off Evil - Profound Taste of Gore 9.00
    ???"Ei ihan yhtä hyvä kuin Kotiteollisuus, mutta parempi kuin nyky-Misfits!"???

    Canaan - Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls And Cruel Fears (2CD) 12.00
    Sublimating years of frustration, anger, resentment, fear, disillusion, pain, isolation and rage, CANAAN have reached in this new album the unparalleled zenith of their musical career. They have never sounded so dark and filthy, the've never created soundscapes more oppressive or destabilizing, they never wrote anything this hopeless and desperate.... If you are looking for the soundtrack to mental decline, look no further.

    Embassy of Silence - Antler Velvet 12.00
    "Antler Velvet" on Embassy of Silencen toinen pitkäsoitto, ja "Euphorialight"-esikoiseen verrattuna kakkoslevyyn on lisätty runsaammalla kädellä groovea, tarttuvuutta ja musiikillista hulluutta. Tunnelmallisuudesta ja kauniista melodioista ei kuitenkaan tingitä. Yhtye nojaa edelleen tukevasti kieroon melodiseen rock-metalliin ja Ines Lukkasen kauniiseen lauluääneen. Kokoonpanon tavoitteena on tehdä musiikkia joka osaltaan haastaa kuulijan, kestää useita kuuntelukertoja ja saa aikaan positiivisessa mielessä kylmiä väreitä.

    Hammerhed - The Fennoscandian Badass 9.00
    The Fennoscandian Badass-albumi valaa yhteen Street Metallin aggression, katkeruuden ja taistelutahdon. Kaikki on yhdessä ja samassa pähkinänkuoressa: Raivo, groove, asenne. Elämä yhdessä väkivaltaisessa henkäyksessä. Tuottaja Aaro Seppovaara (mm. Blake) on niputtanut mainiosti kaiken edellämainitun tiukkaan ja toimivaan pakettiin.

    Hour of 13 - 333 12.00
    Hour Of 13 - The Ritualist 12.00
    Hailing from the USA, Hour of 13's core duo of Chad Davis and Phil Swanson return with their third album, '333'. Cloaked in obscure tales of the bizarre and the lost, Hour of 13 bridge the gap between forlorn despair and cautious hope on their new album. Powered by majestic, haunting riff worship, and shrouded with occult sentiment and themes, the album offers a glimmer of salvation for the alienated and the alone.

    Nachtvorst - Silence 11.00
    After the highly acclaimed 2009 debut Stills, Dutch black metal duo Nachtvorst this year returns with their follow up, Silence, with the aim to instil even more depression and sadness into followers of the band with their broody brand of black metal.
    The challenge of such a doom-paced album is usually to crush the listeners with heaviness as is the case for most doom metal bands, and Nachtvorst manages to utilise the heaviness along with the rather long track lengths to slowly cultivate the emotions on the album, with the album starting off rather aggressively, and slowly getting more and more depressive as the album progresses.

    Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I (digipack) 11.00
    There are bits and pieces of ideas from various extreme progressive bands such as To-Mera and Opeth spattered all over the mostly 9 minutes plus songs found on here, culminating in a rather complex yet very methodical mixture of morose and serene musical pictures. The later work of Emperor also plays a key part in the most intense aspects of what is going on, namely the blasting sections where a collage of tremolo riffs and repetitive themes meld together to create a sort of misty feel, not all that far removed from the stew of sounds that dominated “Prometheus – The Principle Of Fire And Demise”. Yet at the same time there’s a recurring violin sound through most of the album that brings a bit of an early Tristania/Sirenia element into the flavor as well.

    Teodor Tuff - Soliloquy 12.00
    The following very impressive guest performers have contributed to the album: Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Martin Buus (Mercenary), Eskild Kløften (Divided Multitude), Jacob Hansen and Tonje Harøy. The four guitar solos in rapid succession on the epic track "Heavenly Manna", where Harøy, Buus, Waters and Eklundh do their best to outdo each other, must be certainly be up there among the greatest guitar solos of all time.
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    Csongrad, Hungary 05.07.2012

    Bonded by Blood - Feed The Beast CD 12,00
    Bonded by Blood - Exiled To Earth (ltd. w/ patch) CD 12,00
    Bonded by Blood - The Aftermath CD 12,00

    Proving that the 'Thrash revival" has staying power, LA metal lifers Bonded By Blood unleash their third album, "The Aftermath", expertly condensing al the essential thrash elements - power, precision and riff wizardry - into a lethal set of tunes that constitute their finest recording to date.

    Blessed with a new line up - drummer Carlos Regalado and guitarist Juan Juarez as the ever present members, joined by new boys Mauro Gonzalez on vocals and Jessie Sanchez on bass - the band hooked up with noted producer Logan Mader (Fear Factory, Devildriver, Soulfly, Gojira) to produce a devastating set of songs that recall the riff industry of legends like Dark Angel, Testament and Nasty Savage, powered by a sledgehammer deliver on the likes of "Repulsive" and "Shepherds Of Rot".

    Autopsy Night - Born to Kill CD 9.00
    On your face brutal death metal from Russia. Think Cannibal Corpse, Jungle Rot and other American DM of similar style.

    Silene - All Our Yesterdays CD 9.00
    Finnish goth/punk/new wave, featuring former/current members of Marionet, Kuolleet Kukat, Fucking Finland, Fury Raven, Dancing Golem, Suruaika and Two Witches.

    The Ascent of Everest - How Lonely Sits the City Digipack 9.00
    How Lonely Sits The City has a broad mix of tried and tested post-rock ideas from Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s eeriness to subtle vocals of Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock and even slightly Sigur Ros. It also glorifies the epic-scale it can and will be on. The impressiveness of the release is not so much its originality (which is obviously borrowed originality at that), however more its brilliance at making the long-winded feel natural and the first-time listener less apprehensive to the pretentiousness on hand.

    Plus plenty of 3,00 titles on sale - list.
  12. jpmuikku

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    Csongrad, Hungary New/restock 08.08.2012

    A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays (CD) 7.90
    A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays (digipack w/ bonus track) 12.00
    "A Shadowplay For Yesterdays" is the third album by A Forest of Stars. After last year's new editions of "The Corpse Of Rebirth" (2008) and "Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring" (2010), this record is the real Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions debut by the group. While their first two albums hinted at the huge potential of the collective, "A Shadowplay ..." is aspiring for even greater things, surpassing itself in the process. The eccentric and sinister compositions that are the trademark of A Forest of Stars are still the music's foundation, but at the same time, they lace their avant-garde Black Metal with influences from the rich musical heritage of Great Britain: epic Doom riffs find their place alongside the melodics and playfulness of classic Prog Rock. But despite its musical diversity and complexity, "A Shadowplay ..." is the band's most accessible and catchy album by far. Skilfully, they unite the trademarks of the past with new ideas for the future, and in doing so, they present the most important album of their discography to date.

    Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone CD 10.00
    ‘...the most important Melodeath album of 2012...' (

    Blind Stare - The Dividing Line CD 9.00
    On their webpage, Finnish based Blind Stare describe themselves as ” Melodic/Symphonic/Death Metal “, which is a fair description but after playing their second full length studio album, The Dividing Line, there are a lot more strings to their bow. Repeated plays bring forth some awesome power, speed and progressive metal segments. 11 monumental metal tracks at a running time of just over 50 minutes make it an essential purchase for those who like their metal with stunning musicianship.

    Embassy of Silence - Antler Velvet 12.00
    Finland's Embassy of Silence was founded in 2007 by vivacious vocalist Ines Lukkanen, releasing their outstanding debut album 'Euphorialight’ in 2010 to much critical acclaim. On this new one they have introduced more groove and consistency into their signature sound that lies somewhere between Delain, Lacuna Coil and Angtoria. And what a signature sound it is, a spine tingling wall of melodious sound that wraps around your ears in a warm embrace, with Ines's wonderful rich vibrant voice flying above. I must mention Ines's outstanding and very poetic lyrics, some take you are a trip inside the human mind, others are about inspiring stories, and the whole album has the theme of reinventing and reinvigorating oneself. Embassy of Silence have produced a mightily impressive collection with a rich blend of power, subtlety and melody that blurs genre boundaries, appealing to a diverse range of rock and metal fans from all corners of the globe.

    Hekate - Tempeltänze (digipack) 12.00
    With "Tempeltänze" (originally released in 2002 by Well of Urd) Hekate showed their medieval and world music orientated side for the first time. Although still stylistically related to the predecessor "Sonnentanz", songs like "Tempeltanz" or "Il tempo die lupi" already sketch parts of the musical world of Hekate's current album "Die Welt der dunklen Gärten".

    Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... (CD) 7.90

    Kebu - To Jupiter and Back (digipack) 9.00
    This album is a tribute to the great synthesizer music that I grew up with of artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield.
    The album consists of music made only using vintage analog synthesizers, recorded in the old-fashioned way, using only sequencers, tape machines and analog mixers, which gives the album a very warm and organic sound.

    Orplid - Sterbender Satyr (digipack) 12.00
    “Sterbender Satyr” is definitely an opus that demands more time and dedication than “Nachtliche Junger”. While the previous album gently slept on steady patterns, safe and warm, the new one tries to dare, creating a new shape of musical expression.

    Sol Invictus - The Hill of Crosses (2cd digipack) 14.90
    Sol Invictus - La Croix (digipack) 12.00
    The re-edition of "The Hill Of Crosses" comes as limited portrait format digipak with enhanced artwork and is completed by Tony wakeford's liner notes and a whole bonus CD of rare songs. Besides several songs from the sold out rarities collection "The Angel" this CD also features the tracks "Leaves Of Life ('Stella Maris' LP Mix)" and "God Told Me To ('The Hill Of Crosses' LP New Mix)" previously only available on the "Redroom" compilation.
    Originally released as solo album by Tony Wakeford, "La Croix" from 1993 is nothing less than a wolf in sheep's clothing. Tony Wakeford explicitly wished for a re-release of these recordings under the name of Sol Invictus and with great pleasure Auerbach Tonträger present this release fully incorporated into Sol Invictus' oeuvre.

    Subaudition - Light of The Path (digipack) 6.90
    "Light On The Path" sees Subaudition move into more acoustic, less ambient sort of approach.
    The group has brought in beautiful string arrangements which represent a new kind of courage and audacity in their music. The lyrics, then, are at times much more abstract and thoughtful, and at others much more raw and personal than before. Musically, songs like "Sínne" and "Feathers Fall" combine the cinematic vibe of Sigur Rós and the melancholic folk undertone of Tenhi. In the minimalistic "The Soul Unto Aether" and in the electrifying closing track "Wall Of Water" there are small hints from the more epic songs of the likes of Antony and the Johnsons and even Coldplay. A little less obvious, perhaps, is that the biggest inspiration for "Light On The Path" came from the legendary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

    Rival Sons - Head Down (cd) [PRE-ORDER 17.09.2012] 9.00
    Rival Sons - Head Down (digisleeve) [PRE-ORDER 17.09.2012] 12.00

    Buy here

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