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Listen to my album This Greyness

Discussion in 'Children Of Bodom' started by (__Joonas__), May 25, 2021.

  1. (__Joonas__)

    (__Joonas__) † Followed the Reaper †

    Mar 23, 2005
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    So, it took me 22 months to do these 7 songs. E standard, no keyboards, sounds are midi, so all creativity and the soundworld comes through soulful songwriting. Every idea is original and not 'inspired' by other music. Very happy with the end result, it's much better than my earlier albums Silent Autumn and Buried Sorrow.

    (Make sure you're reasonably loud on volume and bass, as the dynamics and the role of bass in songwriting is very carefully made.)

    Deepest Calm

    Mid January last year was still snowless (unnatural) when I went for a late evening walk in the woods. Instead of winter it was a darker season of autumn, with black soil, smell of musk and decaying earth, the forest seemed in a deep sleep, it was melancholic and surreal. You can hear that subtle feeling in this song, especially the chorus. The psychology underneath deals with anger, stress, loneliness and such emotions we sometimes suffer with in silence. The song goes from Cm to C#m with nice subtleties on bass chordal tones, then there's a chromatic chorus.

    Poison Well

    First song I did, to set the mood for the album. The witchy atmosphere works perfect with the song name and the psychology (it's literally about 'poisoning the well'; metaphora about talking bad behind the back). That heavy chorus riff is so heavy purely due to creativity: not even the bass ever goes below C.

    Hillside Funeral

    I felt like doing a song describing a nightside hill with an element of witchcraft and grudge. While doing this song I was reading Pet Sematary and listening to Natassja In Eternal Sleep (which oddly enough was mentioned in another novel that summer), so maybe those had some subconscious influence.

    This Greyness

    Theme song, it's about situational depression, when you have desire for life, but too much stress is draining colour of out your life, and you want to change things but are at loss how to do it. It was a very foggy late evening when I came up with the idea by a lake and took the artwork photo (it was much darker so it's lighted because your eyes adjust to the gloom in real life but a camera won't).

    The song is in Dm, you can hear the shivering drizzle of rain and ghostly mist throughout it. Riff after the intro I think is as cool as it gets. The chorus sounds quite bad in midi, but it sounds epic in real life, so here are the notes you can try on your guitar (quarter notes):


    The harmonic feel is done with a tapping chord on bass.

    Lost Hiker's Path

    Song with the feeling of losing path in a foggy forest, the sheer fright of being lost when it's getting dark and cold, you'll know the feeling if it ever happened to you. It's even got the 'flute' in the beginning some missing hikers claimed to hear before getting lost (some of them are never found, it's a mysterious phenomena going on in north America, lots of podcast about it). The chorus melody is quite sentimental. So very intense and mysterious track, it's like a story about tracing a hiker who wandered off trail and disappeared.

    Hymn for a Dying Home

    Song about a 'cursed house.' I had many interesting psychological ideas for it, but I leave it open so you can relate personally. Main thing is the feeling is both eerie and sort of 'lulled under a spell.' Eventually it took a long time to understand what the song is really about, to be able to create it.


    Song about someone who is so tied to his heritage he refuses to 'follow the light' even when someone comes to offer salvation out of the lonely place. It's got a feeling of floating in cold sea water.

    I still intend to record it in studio one day, it deserves the real sounds and vocals (to reach more listeners, too). I've moved on from the themes and don't want to dwell on those energies, so never say never but I'm not very hesitant about putting up the band. The album took every bit of creativity I had for it, so I feel it could be my last metal album. The intention was to make it so satisfying it could be the last, and it is, so nothing left to give for this project. Now I can listen to it whenever I want and play it on my bass. Musically I'm now listening to other types of genres after getting to the bottom of those dissonant black vibes. I love listening to this at times, but have taken distance to the mentality and am relieved I no longer need to immerse in its creation process. If I ever did another album for this project it would be either with a band, or I'd tune down to B with just one guitar and include keyboard, but there's no such plans now.

    So hope you enjoy, I'd like to hear feedback. At least I did compose that solid album of 'trees, lakes and atmosphere', and it wouldn't have happened without Laiho's influence. But since Bodom is no more, and I've changed too much to write under an old profile, I'll say good-bye and take care. This album led to me growing up over a year ago: I devoted to spiritual growth, healthy lifestyle, nature, sports, art, work, and let everything else go, so this album was more like therapy which isn't meant to dwell on, but it's good it happened.
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  2. ESA1996

    ESA1996 Active Member

    Jan 3, 2011
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    Espoo, Finland
    Deepest Calm has a really cool intro. Very atmospheric as usual, but that's probably not surprising to anyone anymore :D

    Poison Well has a really cool melody / riff at around 3:00. Overall I like it better than Deepest Calm. The drums so far seem to be a bit more beat oriented (There's more snare than earlier I think) than on the earlier albums which I also like.

    Hillside Funeral has probably the best drum stuff so far. Poison Well's still my favorite though.

    This Greyness has a cool melody part starting at around 4:10. The part after that is also nice. Not sure which is my favorite, this or PW.

    Lost Hiker's Path has a cool intro again. Reminds me a bit of the main theme for Walking Dead. The switch to the blast beat is nice.

    I like the slightly faster drum stuff in Hymn for a Dying Home.

    Lightship has a really interesting delay-style effect halfway through the song.

    All the songs are really atmospheric as expected. The drums are IMO a step up from the earlier albums, though I personally would still put in more kick and snare, less toms, and more speed (Currently the drums are mostly either super fast or super slow. I'd put more mid-tempo stuff in there like the drums in the melody part at around 4:00 in This Greyness). There are still some strange time signatures in some parts, but that's not really a problem, just a style. The songs sound a bit less chromatic than before, at least on the first album, which is nice as it makes it a bit easier to remember. Favorite songs are Poison Well and This Greyness.
  3. fanfzero

    fanfzero Member

    Mar 8, 2019
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    Not bad, but I think you would be able to get a more realistic sound by changing vst plugins. My main instrument is guitar and I also have a bass.

    For drums I use toontrack ezdrummer2 with the drumkit from hell expansion, even if it was released in 2007 I'm very happy with how it sounds (i add a compressor and a bit of reverb to it)

    I once needed to use midi bass for a song in drop A, toontrack ezbass did the job

    Realistic midi guitar seems to be the hardest. Try Impact Soundworks : Shreddage, haven't tried it but for what I've seen in videos it sounds pretty nice. You can also try re-amping it with a guitar amp vst (ignite emmissary for example is free, amplitube, guitar rig...).

    For mastering I use izootope ozone
  4. rj rl

    rj rl multidimensionally dyslexic

    Oct 13, 2009
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    I feel bad for Joonas. I know how it feels when you put a lot of work into something and get almost no response.

    Then again, I dunno if a melodic death metal forum is the best place to share highly atonal music
  5. Whiteknuckle Deathgrip

    Mar 19, 2016
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    I like it alot!
    Good to see you post again Joonas. Know that i am saddened that you are saying goodbye. I appreciate the gloomyness of your compositions. They are.. how may i put it. Very atmospheric :) I could picture it very well as a backdrop for a night of D&D or for just blaring loudly, while sitting right in front of the speakers. Sometimes i like to binge on depressive black metal.
    The MIDI aspect i dont like as much. Its like listening to guitar pro or some chiptunes on SID 6581.
    I honestly think your music deserves to be recorded with real instruments. If you ever decide to do it, maybe some of us from on here can be your hired guns.
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  6. miralJam90

    miralJam90 Member

    Jan 6, 2020
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    I agree with you this is wonderful music, with notes of sadness and depression. Remarkably, the author has his style and handwriting, which stands out from other authors in this direction. It may help some people in times of sadness and depression. To feel that they are not alone. Moreover, this is a much more serious problem than it might seem. I read people's stories and became convinced of this.
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