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Looking for a Drummer in the Montreal area

Discussion in 'Amon Amarth' started by H-evolve, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. H-evolve

    H-evolve Member

    Apr 21, 2014
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    Montreal, Canada
    Hi everyone,

    I'm not usually posting in the Amon Amarth forum, but I thought I would, for reasons explained below.

    We're starting a metal band in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area. As a matter of fact, we've been working on some material for a long time and will soon start recording a demo.

    At the beginning, we did not have any intention of being "a real band", it was just writing music for fun. As a matter of fact, it was instrumental music at first.

    But, we got good comments and decided to try doing something more serious. So, we started the recruiting process.

    We now have a vocalist working on lyrics and the vocals in general. We're also testing a bassman in the next few days.

    The tough part is getting a good drummer. We tried some, but they sadly didn't do the job. So I'm asking here for anybody, in our area, who might be interested in the drummer position.

    I'm posting on the Amon Amarth forum because we often got compared to them (in a positive way I think...!) Friends who listened to our stuff commented that we have an Amon Amarth kind of vibe.

    I'm a big Amon Amarth fan and therefore, even if it's not on purpose, I guess it does affect my writing. Am I a cocky douchebag that thinks he's making music just as good as Amon Amarth? No. But! I believe what we do is not bad at all :) And I do hope it will interest someone here!

    Below is our Facebook page. (It's still the instrumental music we posted a while back, but again, keep in mind we're working on vocals right now and the demo we want to do will have vocals.)

    I'll be happy to discuss with anyone interested. And if you just want to give feedback, I'll also be happy to hear/read it.


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