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Looking for "groove oriented/repetitive riffs" (also some gems in the thread)

Discussion in 'Band Recommendations Forum' started by Immutable Trepidation, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Immutable Trepidation

    Immutable Trepidation New Metal Member

    Jul 15, 2018
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    I'm looking for old school thrash, death metal, or death/thrash songs with repetitive type riffs with a groove to them. Some of these are more thrashy constant downpicking type grooves (think sepultura) others are more "death boogy" I'll post some songs with links below for reference.

    I'd like to say I've spent many many hours searching on google with questions such as "bands like obituary" "groovy old school death metal riffs" as well as searching youtube playlist, albums, songs, reddit forums. It has taken me many months to stumble across these tracks. It's very hard to come by tracks like these with those killer groove riffs. What I have noticed is 1993 seemed to be a good year for those type of riffs. If you guys don't have any recommendations to offer I hope you at least find some of the songs below useful! Thank you all in advance! :headbang:

    Obituary - By The Light (skip to 10 seconds)

    Section Brain - Hospital of Death (skip to 1:13) ("gallop" type groovy riff)

    Death Angel - Mistress of Pain (listen from the very beginning to 22 seconds) (after that its garbage blast beats fucking annoying)

    Exodus - Blacklist (skip to 37 seconds)

    Putrescence - Sarcastic Terror (20 seconds)

    Broken Hope - Swamped in Gore (very beginning riff)

    SFU - Death or Glory (17 seconds)

    SFU - Manipulation (listen from very beginning)

    SFU - Haunted (very beginning riff)

    Slayer - Mandatory Suicide (1:15)

    Slaughter - Parasites (listen from very beginning)

    Solstice - Transmogrified (1:58-2:03) (very short riff sadly)

    Death Vomit - The Howling (3:51) (one of my favorite riffs ever)

    Vio-lence - Kill On Command (2:45) (also one of my favorite riffs...)

    Grim Reaper - All Hell Let Loose (15 seconds) (yet another one of my favorite riffs)

    Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor (23 seconds)

    Pantera - Heresy (2:00)

    Death Angel - Voracious Souls (19 seconds-29 seconds)

    Protector - Face Fear (very beginning riff) (love this one)

    Protector - Unleashed Terror (very beginning riff) mid tempo death metal chug shit

    Protector - Tantulus (very beginning riff) also mid tempo death metal chuggy stuff

    Humiliation - Preposition of Violence (14 seconds)
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