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**lunaris Sign To Elitist**

Discussion in 'To-Mera' started by Lee_B, May 16, 2002.

  1. Lee_B

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    May 16, 2001
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    Surbiton. The Posh bit
    Elitist Records is delighted and proud to be able to announce the
    signing of the supreme progressive black / death metal band

    Hailing from Norway, Lunaris features members of Borknagar,
    1349 and Spiral Architect. This is no "Super Group" or " Side
    Project" band though. Lunaris are a fully-fledged, fully working
    band with the ambition and dedication it takes to become a
    genuine force in the metal scene. With their skilled musicianship
    and exemplary song writing skills it should be merely a formality for
    Lunaris to push their way to the top of the underground metal

    The band has already completed the work on their debut album,
    "The Infinite", and if all goes to plan we will be able to release the
    album sometime in August.

    Lunaris recorded "The Infinite" with drummer Asgeir Mickelson
    (Spiral Architect & Borknagar), guitarists Azarak (Spiral Architect &
    Satyricon) and M (backing Vocals), bassist and vocalist Maztema
    (Spiral Architect), vocalist Balfori (ex-1349) and keyboardist Ray.
    However, Mickelson is now out of the band and Lunaris replaced
    him with Janos Di Croce.

    An advance track from "The Infinite" entitled "Of the One" can
    be found here:

    Several songs for the next album are already far into the
    development stage, and Ray has promised an even more
    technical and aggressive approach in the future. The band, true
    to the ethos of Elitist Records, will aim to constantly push and
    evolve their brand of extremity into entirely new dimensions. We
    at Elitist salute Lunaris' ambitions, and we raise a glass to a long
    and fruitful working relationship.

    Further news about Lunaris and the other Elitist bands will be
    available shortly.

    Lee Barrett - Elitist A&R

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