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MagisteriuM - Children of War (EP) (2010)

Discussion in 'Russian Metal Scene' started by HELLga, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. HELLga

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    Symphonic Metal from SIBERIA

    MagisteriuM - Children of War (EP) (2010)


    01. Seeing Reality... (In Memory Of John Lennon)
    02. Children Of War
    03. Prometheus
    04. Fallen Angel (ND Cover)

    The band:
    Alex Dyake - voice
    Dan Rypakov - guitars
    Sergey Zakharov - guitars, voice
    Evgenia Grakova - keyboards, voice
    Konstantin Shabalin - bass



    Sergey Panfilov «Ursus studio», 2009

    Mixed & Mastered:

    Oleg Lundyshev «CS records», 2010


    Alex Dyake

    Design by
    Agent S

    Produced by Dan Rypakov

    This release from MagisteriuM is three treated and newly arranged "hit" from
    early creation groups, transferred with all meticulously into English language,
    with bonus track - a cover version songs the "Fallen angel" of Omsk group ND.
    One of tracks of release is sacred to John Lennon.

    Official site:


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