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Making a Metal Film

Discussion in 'Musicians Discussion' started by Sammy Davis Jr., Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Sammy Davis Jr.

    Sammy Davis Jr. New Metal Member

    Dec 6, 2012
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    Hello all,
    I am making a movie about a Tastee-Freez somewhere in Alabama. They run 24hrs everyday and on this particular day a thin, employee named Trick is practicing trumpet with his fat friend Huey, who plays Tuba. The Tastee Freez is empty and they are working the graveyard shift. Trick and Huey are playing a lousy Marching Band standard. Trick is some square poindexter, nerd. So Trick goes out back is concocting his own version of crystal meth using his trumpet and a Dr.Pepper bottle. After he trips, he goes back in and plays a death metal song with Huey. He plays it slow and it sounds sweet and jazzy (think Louis Armstrong doing a version of Zombie Ritual by Death) or (Charlie Parker playing something by Slayer).

    Here's where I need help:
    Trick puts on headphones and is listening to some intense (possibly terrifying), melodic metal song. It needs to be hard violent, and scary but it also needs to be recognizable to the average non-metal listener.
    The key here is, I need that song if stripped down to its bare bones, a two-piece horn duet could take the song, slow it down and then execute a jazzier, sexier rendition.

    Any ideas?

    Does this all make sense?

    I will be doing the re-arrangements be playing the necessary instruments.

    Sammy Davis Jr.

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