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Massive Black Downloads

Discussion in 'Travis Smith' started by Ozzloaf, May 25, 2009.

  1. Ozzloaf

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Many people often ask for tips on creating artwork and such, and I'd like to share some of my favorite resources for learning. These downloads are not free but they are very cheap and go towards a good, non-profit cause. They cover a very wide range of styles and techniques, many of which could be applied easily to the type of work Travis creates. There are also several non-digital videos that those who do not work digitally could benefit from (as well as those that do!!!).

    My favorite videos in the series:

    Marko Djurdjevics Character Ideation

    I actually have this on DVD but they released it as a download series as well. I like it because he sheds more light on the creativity and ideation process than the creation itself.

    Each part is $12, or get all 4 (plus bonus materials) for $40.

    "In this DVD, senior concept artist Marko Djurdjevic candidly shares his process of character development. He walks the viewer through a typical day for a designer of his caliber as he creates a post-apocalyptic gang comprising of four unique and stunning characters. As a bonus feature the DVD also includes a revealing behind-the-scenes documentary which gives a fascinating glimpse into the artist’s personal life and the motivation for creating his amazing artwork."

    The Gunner:

    The Assassin:

    The Freak:

    The Medic:


    Jason Chan- Digital Painting in Corel Painter

    Jason creates an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork that made me think more of how subtlety and color could enhance my own artwork. Also, he uses Painter which is a program I'm not very familiar with.

    "In this video Jason Chan walks the viewer through the creation of a sketch done entirely in Corel Painter. No thumbnails. No plans. He just gets in there and paints, revealing his thought process and revisions along the way. The resulting image turns out beautifully, and throughout the video he discusses all the important art principals necessary to achieve such an outcome. We hope you learn as much from this demo as we did!"

    There's MANY more videos available as well. Check out their store page:

    Honestly, I've used videos from Gnomon (EXPENSIVE) and several other companies and these are the one's that I've learned the most from in my experience.

    Check them out!


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