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Masterplan - MK II

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by The Metal Chick, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Masterplan - MK II
    Candlelight Records USA - CDL340CD - March 20, 2007
    by Amanda J. Carlson

    Even after a significant revamping with two new additions on this third release, Masterplan are still as strong as they were on their 2005 album, Aeronautics. Though the super strong and unique voice of Jorn Lande will be sorely missed, new vocalist Mike DiMeo's voice of such a similar style takes his place perfectly. Drummer Mike Terrana, formerly of Rage, has also joined the ranks to complete the new lineup. MK IIshowcases the tightness of this group and proves they are making a place for themselves among the more intelligent side of power metal.

    The massive sound begins in 'Warrior’s Cry,' with the pummeling drums and speedy riffs setting the powerful mood of the entire album. Granted, songs like 'Lost and Gone' and 'I'm Gonna Win' aren't as fast and in your face, but their importance is in the diversity that a lot of power metal bands don’t seem to carry. Though it's usually cheesy to have a song named after the band, 'Masterplan' is one of the more slammin’ tunes. Well, the chorus is a bit cheesy, but with such an onslaught of heaviness, it's easy to overlook.

    So there is supposedly a keyboardist as a member of this band, but he is barely audible under the guitar. He has no solos, and only comes to the forefront in the ballad, 'Trust in You,' with piano melodies. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; the guitar sound is so powerful that it carries every song flawlessly. But when you have an actual member of the band at your disposal, so much more substance is potentially available. Nevertheless, MK II has so much strength, that Masterplan will have no problem getting noticed and embraced by the power metal community.

    Masterplan Official Website
    Candlelight Records USA Official Website

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