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McQueen – Running Out Of Things To Say

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Sep 2, 2005.

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    McQueen – Running Out Of Things To Say
    Furry Tongue Records – CD Single - September 19th 2005
    By Russell Garwood


    Hailing from Brighton, UK, female fronted rock group McQueen are set to release their sophomore single Running Out Of Things To Say. The music here is straight-forward rock ‘n roll; anthemic choruses, crunchy guitars, and a powerful, supportive - yet far from innovative - rhythm section are all par for the course. The singing of Leah Dours suggests she is a big fan of the whisky. In fact, from the sound of it there may just be none left in Scotland, yet the hoarse singing proves a perfect front to the sound, allowing the guitars to carry the tune. The two songs on this single prove well written, with lots of hooks and a hell of a lot of energy –great fun, if formulaic stuff. Fans of mainstream rock would do well to check this out. Also included on the single is the video to ’Running Out Of Things To Say’ which features the four girls in a dilapidated open roofed room surrounded by thundery skies. Again, nothing new, but pretty cool to watch!


    Official Furry Tongue Records website
    Official McQueen website

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