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Metal In Korea

Discussion in 'South East Asia Metal Scene' started by Cwen, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Cwen

    Cwen New Metal Member

    Jul 19, 2009
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    Hello! So, I live in Korea and figured that there is not really any information out there on the metal scene here so I may as well attempt to contribute. I decided to compile a small list of the more renowned bands in the Korean underground metal scene in case anyone is curious enough to check them out. (Actually, I don't think there is a mainstream Korean metal scene..) If you are a fan of any bands not mentioned here then please do add them to the list!

    Oathean - black/death metal with occasional female vocals. Probably the biggest metal band in Korea, particularly since the vocalist also owns their record label and runs the main venue for metal shows in Seoul (Sapiens 7). Latest release is 'Regarding All the Sadness of the World' album, in 2008.
    Skald - black metal, unfortunately no Myspace and very little information online about this reclusive anti-Christian band. Latest release is 'Antichrist' album in 2009, complete with Black Metal Ist Krieg cover and free inverted cross necklace with the CD.
    Legend - power metal. Latest release is 'Legend' demo in 2007.
    Baekdoosan - heavy metal. These aging guys, who are obviously big Iron Maiden fans, are vets of the Korean scene. Latest release is 'Return of the King' album in 2009.
    Doxology - death metal. Only demos so far I believe, but they've been playing live a lot so expect more soon.
    Mahatma - thrash metal. Latest release is 'Perseverance' album in 2007.
    Dark Ambition - gothic/black metal. Latest release is 'Tears of Daewongoon' album in 2007.
    Mad Fret - rock, really - and not too great on the ears, but I didn't think anyone would complain about a group of five hot asian chicks wielding instruments. Latest release is 'Smash The Lie' album in 2008.

    The biggest metal event in Korea is the Asia Metal Festival, which had 11 bands this year from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and and Hong Kong. There was also a summer version of this event with Hibria from Brazil headlining.

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