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Metal Injection review "Religious Apocalypse"

Discussion in 'Bloodsoaked' started by Bloodsoaked666, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Bloodsoaked666

    Aug 6, 2006
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    Bloodsoaked. The name, logo and sound may, at first glance, place the band smack-dab in the ordinary category, but this North Carolina outfit has been kicking it all weird-like since 2006 and never fail to offer up neat little surprises, even whilst playing in one of extreme music’s most restricting sub-genres.

    First out of the gate is the fact that Bloodsoaked is Peter Hasselbrack. Know that when we say this, it’s not meant in the same sense that ‘Dave Mustaine is Megadeth.’ Bloodsoaked is one of the longest running and most active one-man death metal bands and that one man is Peter Hasselbrack. Actually, to update one and all on recent events, Hasselbrack has been joined by vocalist/guitarist Joseph Darling and the drums for this particular EP were programmed by Shane McFee, so in the world of one-man bands, Bloodsoaked/Hasselbrack has done the unthinkable and sold out to the domain of additional help. Really though, their/his line-up and live presentation has always possessed a certain degree of fluidity, therefore the Bloodsoaked name is synonymous with Hasselbrack despite any amorphous configurations.

    What’s not fluid and/or amorphous is Bloodsoaked's dedication to death metal of the most brutal order, a characteristic that doesn’t waver (well, too much anyway) on this EP. The trio of new songs featured don’t break any new ground, but are highly serviceable and entirely enjoyable slabs of old-school pneumatic crushing a la "Morbituation" (geddit?) driven by technology advancements that will have you questioning whether there is in fact a real drummer at work and Hasselbrack is lying through his death breath. The lack of sustain in the cymbals give it away, though.

    The four live tracks captured at Portugal’s SWE Barroselas Fest lack the density and power of the studio output, but that’s typical of soundboard recordings and only die-hard fans will likely give a flying a fuck. Everyone, however, should find something to laugh, cry, enjoy or complain about with the covers of Cinderella’s “Shake Me” and Ratt’s “You’re in Love,” which are “death-ed” up and compelling as they are ridiculous. Admittedly, I find myself usually skipping to the covers, despite “Devouring” and the title track being first class ragers. So, take that for what it's worth.


    Metal Injection review the new Bloodsoaked album "Religious Apocalypse"

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