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Metal Storm (France)

Discussion in 'Eden's Fall - Reviews' started by Eden's Fall, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Eden's Fall

    Eden's Fall METAL

    Dec 9, 2005
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    Posted: 05.04.2006

    Rating: 8

    Eden's Fall - Harmonies Of Lies

    01. Blur The Lines
    02. Planet Hate
    03. Lost Again
    04. Chemical Dreams
    05. Bleed
    06. Dead Thought Matrix
    07. Liquid Christ
    08. We Betray
    09. Nothingheart

    Progressive Thrash Metal
    Label: Nothingheart Records
    USA: 2005
    Length: 43:19

    Line-Up on the CD:
    Vocals: John Barr
    Guitars: Tony Gronowski
    Guitars: Rob Aqunio
    Bass: Dan Gronowski
    Drums: Ray Smith

    Reviewed by Jeff

    And the last good surprise from USA is…. Eden’s Fall! I don’t know why, but if the bands from USA were a bit distanced by the Europeans ones some few years ago, there is a new wave nowadays and this is really refreshing. Now, there are a lot of originals newcomers from America and they’re all really good and surprising. Eden’s Fall, with its super Progressive Thrash Metal is just one them.

    I’m sure that you all already know Nevermore, and well I won’t say that Eden’s Fall plays a really similar music but honestly we’re not so far. Eden’s Fall plays Thrash Metal for sure and do I need to add that they have a lot of great guitars riffs, catchy choruses, and awesome soli with angry vocals? No, not really because you all know what is Thrash anyway. But I can add that Eden’s Fall is not so classic. Like Nevermore their music is super complex, near to be progressive. The songs are really complex super varied and their structures aren’t linear. At the opposite their songs have this particularity that we can find with Progressive bands, their structure isn’t basic and repetitive. Of course, it can be a bit messy on a side but when it’s well done, there is no problem, and yes Eden’s Fall does it good.

    Honestly this album is a real jewel of Thrash and it’s hard to find a lot of bad points. It was mixed by the master Dan Swano, the design and layout that were made by Dan Gronowski are really good and look super professional and the musical level of all the musicians is extremely good. So really it’s hard to find something wrong on this album. However the voice John Barr sounds “Thrash”, understand that it is not the purest one that I ever heard but on the other hand it fits perfectly to the music. “Harmonies Of Lies” is just a good album…

    “Harmonies Of Lies” is a super surprise for me. These guys are good, they know how to play and write nice Thrash Metal and they know how to be original so please my friends you should have a look on this excellent release. I will follow Eden’s Fall road and I’m ready to put some bucks on the table. We will hear a lot of good things about this combo in a near future believe me…
  2. metalprof

    metalprof Ken Luther

    Mar 11, 2005
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    Valparaiso, IN
    Dammit! I read these things to see who John will get compared to next, but this one doesn't do that! Although I doubt anything will top getting compared to Hansi Kursch.

    Anyway, congratulations on the good reviews that keep rolling in!


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