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Discussion in 'Pop Culture' started by metu, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. metu

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    Nov 21, 2002
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    MI, USA
    GM pulls out of Michigan; thousands and thousands of working class families are thoroughly fucked over while GM tries to get out of paying benefits they’ve promised; families are losing their homes, not because they tried to live beyond their means, but because GM pulled out! People just don’t seem to get the significance of this. And these fuckers in congress and those whores running for president have the twisted balls to bail out wallstreet, the lending companies, and now they’re campaigning that they will help the people who signed these shitty contracts. And no one has a thing to say about Michigan.

    I volunteered at an Islamic community center in Flint handing out food to the homeless. I was not handing food to alcoholics and drug addicts. I was handing out food to regular guys about 40-50 years old who made sure they would look me in the eye. These were working class guys. I didn't have the heart to ask if they had children. I’ve talked to similarly proud and almost broken people going through the trash for cans (ten cent refund) in Flint. These are good people fucked over by a system beyond their control.

    This shit goes back twenty years. My uncle owns a plastics plant and he used to make parts for all three of the big MI manufacturers (Ford, GM, Chrysler). Now, his plant is closed, of course, and he can’t even sell it. He may have to sell the steel for scrap. I heard his arguments the whole way. They’ll come crawling back because I make better parts. Piece by piece they took his business away, but he was determined that this plant, which was his life’s work, would prove too good to be expendable. I got really drunk about 6 years ago, when he had a chance to sell it, and told (well, probably yelled at) him that the plant had no chance and that if he didn’t sell, he’d be fucked. He said that he couldn’t do that to his employees.

    Now these rat fuckers in Washington are telling me that Michigan is not a “battleground state?” We voted 51% for Kerry in ’04. We built the engines of this country through the twentieth century. We created the middle class. We not only build the bombers that destroyed the Nazi infrastructure, we also built the plant the Soviets used to make the T34 tanks that beat us to Berlin. We are the industrial heartland reduced to a pathetic husk. We are now rendered worthless: not even worthy of debate.


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