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MindsinK's CD Want-Have List...

Discussion in 'Librarius Metallicus' started by MindsinK, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. MindsinK

    MindsinK Not a team player

    Jan 13, 2004
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    Akron, Ohio, USA
    OK fellow librarians, here's what I'm looking for (either original or CD-R)

    Aghora - S/T
    Atheist - Elements
    Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
    Brainstorm - Hungry
    Brainstorm - Unholy
    Death Machine
    Fates Warning - Unreleased tracks from remasters
    Hades - '82-'02 Compilation
    Machine Head - New one
    Murphy, James - All
    Nuclear Assault - Alive Again
    Nuclear Assault - A & Battery
    Poland, Chris - Rare Trax
    Power of Omens - Eyes of the Oracle
    Prototype - Cloned, Seed
    Reverend - S/T

    AC/DC - All
    Amorphis - All
    Anacrusis - All
    Angra - All
    Annihilator - All
    Anthrax - All
    Antithesis - All
    Arch, John
    Arch Enemy - All
    Archtype - Dawning
    Atheist - Piece of Time
    Believer - All
    Belladonna - All
    Black Sabbath - All
    Blind Guardian - All
    Blue Oyster Cult - 1st 4
    Brainstorm - Last 3
    Bronx Casket Co. - All
    Children of Bodom - All
    Chroma Key - Dead Air
    CIA - All
    Circle II Circle - Watching In Silence
    Control Denied - Fragile Art of Existence
    Coroner - All
    Corrosion of Conformity - All
    Crimson Glory - All
    Cryptkicker - All
    Cynic - Focus
    Damn the Machine - S/T
    Danzig - 1st 5
    Dark Angel - Decade of Chaos
    Days of the New - S/T
    Death - All
    Demons & Wizards
    Dickinson, Bruce - All
    Dio - All
    Doctor Butcher
    Down - All
    Dream Theater - All
    Engine - All
    Environmental Hazzard - One Stands Alone
    Evanescence - Fallen
    Evergrey - All
    Exodus - All
    Faith No More - Real Thing
    Fates Warning - All
    Fear Factory - All
    Fight - All
    Flotsam & Jetsam - All
    Forbidden - All
    Forced Entry - All
    Geezer - All
    Gordian Knot - All
    Grip Inc. - All
    Hades - All except '82-'02 Comp
    Halford - All
    Hatrix - All
    Heathen - All
    Helloween - 1st 3
    Iced Earth - All except 'Burden'
    In Flames - All
    Iron Maiden - All
    Jag Panzer - All
    Jarzombek, Ron - All
    Judas Priest - All
    Kansas - All
    King Diamond - All
    King's X - All
    Kreator - All
    Led Zeppelin - All
    Machine Head - All except new one
    Megadeth - All
    Matheos, Jim - All
    Mekong Delta - All
    Mercury Rising - All
    Mercyful Fate - All
    Metal Church - All
    Metallica - All
    Nevermore - All
    Non-Fiction - All
    Nuclear Assault - All
    OSI -
    Overkill - All
    Ozzy Osbourne - All
    Pantera - Cowboys-present
    Poland, Chris - All except Rare Trax
    Power of Omens - Rooms
    Pro-Pain - All
    Prong - All
    Prototype - Trinity
    Purgatory - All
    Psychosis - Lifeforce
    Queensryche - All except new one
    Rage - The Perfect Man
    Reverend - All except S/T
    Romeo, Michael - S/T
    Running Wild - All
    Rush - All
    Sacred Reich - All
    Sanctuary - All
    Savatage - All
    Scatterbrain - All
    Sepultura - except new one
    Shadows Fall - All
    Shamen - Ritual
    Siges Even - Steps, Sense of Change
    Sinergy - All
    Slayer - All
    Spastic Ink
    Spawn - All
    Spiral Architect
    Suicidal Tendencies - Rebellion, Revolution, Laugh
    Symphony X - All
    Therion - All
    Testament - All
    Tiles - All
    Tipton, Glenn
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra - All
    Type O Negative - October
    Van Halen - Most
    Voivod - All
    Warlord - Best of, Rising
    Watchtower - All
    Zero Hour - All

    ... and Britney Spears, Yanni, Billy Squier, etc...

    shoot me an e-mail if you're interested...
  2. jimbobhickville

    jimbobhickville Tyrant in Distress

    Oct 12, 2001
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    Pleasant Grove, UT, USA
    I have these:
    Aghora - S/T
    Death Machine
    Murphy, James - All
    Power of Omens - Eyes of the Oracle
    Prototype - Cloned

    And these in mp3:
    Atheist - Elements
    Atheist - Unquestionable Presence

    I don't want to trade any of the ones I have, but we could maybe work out a CDR trade. I'm interested in the Chris Poland solo stuff, the Mekong Delta stuff (keep meaning to check them out), and maybe Tiles (I've heard good things, what are they like?).
  3. MindsinK

    MindsinK Not a team player

    Jan 13, 2004
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    Akron, Ohio, USA
    Alrighty Greg, now we're talking!!! I don't really want to trade either, as I've put a ton of time into collecting this stuff.

    C.Poland - Return to Metalopolis - Awsome instrumental CD; not a shred-fest... there's actually melodies in there!

    C.Poland - Chasing the Sun - Not that great... more of a typical guitarist's solo CD.

    Tiles - All 3... I would describe them as progressive hard rock. The vocalist reminds me of the dude from Saigon Kick a little. The lyrics are cool... sorta intellectual. More mellow than the stuff I'm used to listening to, but well-written and interesting.

    Mekong Delta - GREAT stuff (technical thrash with classical overtones)... you'd like them... the only thing lacking is the production quality on the early stuff. The first 2 remind me of Energetic Disassembly a bit. Haven't listened to the later stuff yet- (I'm letting the first few sink in...)

    I'm definitely interested... sounds like there are eight you have that I want... let me know for sure which ones you want...

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