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Discussion in 'Metal News' started by Mark, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. Mark

    Mark Not blessed, or merciful

    Apr 11, 2001
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    Sarf Lundin, Innit
    MY KINGDOM MUSIC is proud to present its first releases.

    In april 2002 the Norwegian band CROWHEAD's debut album "Frozen" will be released, featuring Jo-I Slangvold (ex-Shadow Dancers) and Rym (RAGNAROK and ex-Shadow Dancers). "Frozen" is announced to be a brilliant album of depressive Gothic Metal with elements of Dark, New Wave and Electro-music. They create unique cold atmospheres enshrouded by magic obscure moments generating the true sound of this decadent era. Special guests: Rico Darum (ex-APOPTYGMA BERZERK), Ted "Superdead" Skogmann (ex-APOPTYGMA BERZERK) and Truls Kristian Nyggard (SWEEP).

    The album is recorded at Das Bunker Studio and produced and mixed by Ted "Superdead" Skogmann and Rico Darum. It will include two remixes as bonus tracks by Sebastian of ICON OF COIL and by the same Rico Darum and Ted "Superdead" Skogmann (also known from remixing/producing Theatre Of Tragedy, Apoptygma Berzerk, Zeromancer, Gothminister etc.).


    In the same April 2002 will be released "First Year Departure", the first album of the Italian ROOM WITH A VIEW already known as BLACK THORNS LODGE (3rd best Italian new band in Psycho! Referendum). The album will be recorded at the well-known The Temple Of Noise studios in Rome by Christian Ice. "First Year Departure" mixes the troubled KATATONIA's Gothic mood to the avantgarde sonorities typical of the New Wave and of the Darkpop. They describe their music with these words: "Torment, grief and decadence set to music... vintage soundscapes and isolationist atmospheres filtered by the dandy aesthetic of a distant epoch".


    With great pleasure we are proud to release in april 2002 a new DEINONYCHUS MCD titled "Amphetamine Machine". Recorded in Holland at Virussound Studio, it includes unreleased material from the "Deinonychus" recordings like "Like The Colour Of Snow" & "Moments" re-recorded for the occasion in a new suicidal dress. The MCD will include the original versions of these painful hymns + 2 rare demo studio tracks for what can be consider an obscure door to a delirious, magic world.


    We also announce that the new Italian sensation KLIMT 1918 (ex-Another Day) and the Finnish promise RAIN PAINT with members of DIABLERIE, RAPTURE, FRAGILE HOLLOW have signed each of them a two albums deal with MY KINGDOM MUSIC. Expect two real masterpieces of Avantgarde Metal for October 2002.


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