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My Novembers Doom yardwork soundtrack

Discussion in 'Novembers Doom' started by metalprof, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. metalprof

    metalprof Ken Luther

    Mar 11, 2005
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    Valparaiso, IN
    I spent some time in the yard today, and I thought it would be fun to listen to my ND tunes on random and note down what got played. Here's what my ipod brought up for me:

    Forever With Unopened Eye (OSIASF)
    Bestow My Desire (AIHM)
    Harlots' Lie (INRI)
    The Paul Haunt Departure (TPHD)
    Reaping Forest Calm (OSIASF)
    Shadow Play (A)
    All the Beauty Twice Again (OSIASF)
    In Faith (TK)
    Last God (TK)
    Suffer the Red Dream (OSIASF)
    Intervene (TK)
    Of Age and Origin - Part 1 (A)
    With Rue and Fire (OSIASF)
    Before the Wind (OSIASF)
    Aura Blue (TK)
    Rain (TNR)
    In Memories Past (TK)
    Aurora's Garden (AIHM)
    Ramen Noodles (**)
    Dawn Breaks (OSIASF)
    I Hurt Those I Adore (INRI)
    Into Night's Requiem Infernal (INRI)
    My Agony, My Ecstacy (AIHM)
    A Dirge of Sorrow (AIHM)

    And with that Cathedral-like happy song, I decided I had done enough work.

    (**) I was writing these tracks on a piece of paper I had used a day before to start a shopping list. I had only written one thing before getting distracted, ramen noodles (my daughter loves them), and still had the paper. So that ended up on the list in between Aurora's Garden and Dawn Breaks.

    Steve Jobs must like Of Scultured Ivy since the ipod random play pulled up a lot of songs from that disc, and none from To Welcome the Fade.

    I was hoping that Harvest Scythe would come up while I was using the limb cutter to hack branches off a tree hanging over our fence, but no such luck.

    ND Statistic: I have all the full lengths on my ipod, which counts up 75 tracks altogether. With Amid released in 1995 and Aphotic in 2011, that's 75 songs in 16 years, which is an average of 4.7 songs per year. You guys need to step it up!! Ha ha. Maybe you should do like Therion and crank out some double CDs next... :)

    Not a bad way to spend a chunk of Saturday afternoon. Did I mention I also drank beer?

  2. Jasonic

    Jasonic Doom On!

    Apr 14, 2004
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    West Burbs of Chicago
    Ha! Not sure how I missed this the first time.

    This reminds me of the first time I saw ND live, which was at the Wheaton Grande, in the summer of 2005.

    I spent the afternoon staining my deck, while THE KNOWING and THE PALE HAUNT DEPARTURE provided the soundtrack on my crappy MP3 player I had at the time.

    Looks like ND might need to explore a new marketing technique for their product!

    (or maybe it means you are attracting too many old farts like Ken and myself. Ha!!!)

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