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My short cover for Awakenings XD

Discussion in 'Symphony X (Unofficial)' started by felipesaldes, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. felipesaldes

    felipesaldes New Metal Member

    Jul 18, 2008
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    Hi... hmmm... last night I felt alone, really really alone and... I remembered this song so, I decided to make a cover and... I liked it a lot... it raised my mood c:
    I feel this song really depressive, a man who is facing himself and life too... and it goes from softer to harder. At the end there's a really strong climax "yes I walk!! I walk the road alone!!!" and WOW... it's a lot like my life, as I'm always some kind of weird person, like an alien or something :p

    Anyways... I feel sad about the current state of the band... they are good, but... they're just not SX anymore... the last album I liked was Odyssey, since then, only a few good songs... I miss Thomas's hand on composition (the bassist) and when I listen to his solo project, it's like: "THIS is SX!!"... But... his music is also too experimental, and it's obviously because of the lack of Romeo's hand, and perhaps Pinella's too.

    I hope you like my cover, as I enjoyed a lot creating it!!!!
    (if you want it, I can give you the link to youtube too, but I'm not looking for "likes" or any recognition, it's just for the love to music)

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