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NAMM 2012 - Met Chris - Thank you Sir!

Discussion in 'Chris Broderick' started by eddyrox, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. eddyrox

    eddyrox New Metal Member

    Mar 1, 2010
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    So I'm in line Saturday to hang with Chris Impelliteri, and lo and behold, 'the MAN' is casually strolling by.

    Now please note, there are A LOT of washed up rock "stars" that only guys like me remember. The "mentality" is to bring a "friend" (aka: body guard) to stop guys like me from running up and asking a bunch of stupid fanboi questions (which I did immediately to Chris - SORRY BUD!:kickass:)

    Chris Broderick - virtuoso extraordinaire and LEAD Guitarist for MEGADETH - just cruising around by himself - totally chill and approachable :worship: (and for the record, I think he was on route to the Jackson booth:oops:)

    I complain about the availability of his 7 string Jackson sig, and that I'm hittin' up DCGL in CO for a trans red 7. Chris just asks me to be patient, and that it'll be worth it. (BTW, the Jackson booth had a trans "ivory tusk" and trans "blood red" 7 string - both punch like an LP, with similar sustaining character.)

    So late and en route, he totally stops and raps with me and my bud Steve.
    I inquire about his KILLER thumb pick idea, and THE MAN pulls off his back pack, opens up a glad bag, and offers us both one of HIS OWN stash of thumbpicks. :worship:

    He humbly requests that I post something here and review it.


    Well suffice to say the pick is totally EVERYTHING as advertised. I use a Dunlop Jazz III and occasionally an Eric Johnson "red" which are about 1.38mm.

    I'm shooting for a fast, precise alternative, 3 note/string (sometimes string skipping) technique. You'd think that the thumb pick would restrict pick adjustment, which I do when I'm going 3/string and then transition to sweeping. BUT the clip developed by Chris Broderick totally allows for "on the fly" adjustment, and even pick harmonics. :kickass::kickass:

    I am blown away by the thumb pick and just as impressed by the complete professionalism of Chris Broderick. WAY TOO COOL. Dave better be on his best behaviour LOL!!. IMHO, losing CB would be a serious impact to MD.:headbang:

    THANK YOU Chris!

  2. Chris_Broderick

    Jun 26, 2004
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    Hey Mike,

    it was cool to talk with you as well, and I'm glad you like the pick clip. I am also glad you have it working well with the Jazz III as those you have to totally put between your thumb and one side of the clip because they are smaller in size.

    Take care, Chris.
  3. Melisan

    Melisan Member

    Nov 13, 2002
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    I am so pissed. I was there on Friday to cover the show (I'm a journalist) and fully intended to go on Saturday to meet my heroes from Nevermore, Chris Broderick and Jeff Loomis.

    And I got sick.


    On the plus side I did meet one of my favorite drummers, Dave Lombardo.

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