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Discussion in 'Ne Obliviscaris' started by Svartwerk, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Apr 11, 2009
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    We are very pleased to announce that we officially have a new drummer; Nelson Barnes! We've been jamming with Nelson since the end of last year, and after initially just getting him on board to drum for our album tour, he learnt everything so quickly and we were thrilled with how everything was going that we jumped at the chance to get him on board as a full time member of NeO. Some of you may know Nelson as the drummer for Brisbane's 'The Schoenberg Automaton', a band that we're all massive fans of (check them out if you don't know them already!) and Nelson will still be continuing to play with Schoenberg in addition to NeO. With Nelson being based in Brisbane he will be commuting back and forth for rehearsals and shows, but after having to deal with Benji being stuck in France for 15 months, we've been finding that pretty easy to deal with thus far and are really excited to be working with him moving forward! - NeO

    Statement from Nelson:
    "When I first got asked to try out, I was pretty excited. I had seen NeO a few times and was very impressed by their take on progressive metal. As I started jamming with the guys everything was falling into place and I think everyone felt comfortable with me there. I enjoy challenging my drumming ability and NeO is no exception. Hopefully I can do the album justice and I look forward to future endeavours with the band. I hope to see you all out on tour through out the year."

    Album release information and tour dates will be announced shortly.


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