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NECRAMYTH - Seoul, South Korea: "Pagans in the East"

Discussion in 'Heathen Crusade' started by David Gold, May 21, 2008.

  1. David Gold

    David Gold Son of the Darkest Blues

    Feb 20, 2004
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    No hometown, Ontario.
    Greets from the far East...

    You may have heard that I've spent the last year in Seoul, South Korea, drumming for the long-standing Korean Thrash / Death Metal band NECRAMYTH. For those who are curious, please check out some live vids from my time out here:

    I just uploaded a few new vids from our most recent show this past weekend. That was my last show at the famous "Sapien's Live House" venue, owned and operated by Dosu, the frontman of Koreas most well known black metal band: Oathean. It's truly an awesome venue to see an intimate metal show. Much can be (and was) learned from how he puts on gig. Seeing and playing shows there makes you that much more proud to be into metal!!!

    NECRAMYTH - "Behind the Mask of Sin"


    NECRAMYTH - "444" (my final show at Sapien's)


    With 10 days left, I have one rehearsal and one last show to do out here, that last gig being literally on my last night in Korea before flying out the following morning. I'm sure in those last moments, a year in Korea will seem like a strange dream... It's been a blast, but it's time to move on. :)

    I did in fact write and record a full length album with NECRAMYTH out here this year and it came out hell-fast, fierce and dark! The working title was simply "Pagans in the East", consisting of 8 songs and a traditional Korean intro writen by bass player 'Johan'. It will be released later this summer and I'll be sure to post samples as soon as they're available. May it be the totally unexpected, sleeper death/thrash album of the year, coming straight out of the heart of Asia!!!

    As for what's next...I can't wait to get working on my new drumming gig with GATES OF WINTER ( and also getting back to working on the future of WOODS OF YPRES, "Woods 4", live shows and eventual touring... See you sooner than later! All is well in hell! :kickass:

    DG - \w/
  2. Climb Thar Hill

    Climb Thar Hill not family oriented

    Jan 23, 2006
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    Tomb of the Giants
    Are you back? Get on HCIII then!

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