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New Album Advance Fan Revies

Discussion in 'Steel Prophet' started by stevekachinsky, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. stevekachinsky

    stevekachinsky Steel Prophet - Gtr

    Mar 25, 2005
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    From Stephan Venker:

    When the new Steel Prophet album will hit the shelves in 2014, fans of the band will have been waiting for almost 10 years for it. Fans of Rick's vocals will have been waiting for almost 12 years, even! You all know that feeling and you also know that whenever it takes so long, your expectations have grown astronomically in the meantime. So... actually... you're bound to face a slight disappointment, right?


    Steel Prophet are back. And they're back with the most versatile, atmospheric, catchy and heavy creation in their career. And this is not an exaggeration or some honeymouthed fanboyism, it's a fact. "Omniscient" will truly satisfy fans of all eras of Steel Prophet, as well as metal fans in general. Let me try to tell you why.

    You love the melodic moments from the era around 2000 ("Dark Hallucinations" until "Unseen")? You got it. You love some of the more "rock'n roll vibes" from "Beware" from 2004? Don't worry, they're here. And did you miss a bit of the complexity, tempo changes, mood changes and variety of the first releases ("Inner Ascendance" until "Into the Void")? Look no further – they're back and so refined that it's a sheer joy.

    Many nods to the past will put an instant smile on your face while staying new and fresh – Steel Prophet never make the mistake of merely repeating themselves. Though it might seem a bit much after listening to the whole album for the first time (think Arch/Matheos' "Sympathetic Resonance"), as it's layer upon layer of carefully intertwined instrumental compositions, the combination of variety and the groovy heaviness will have you hooked in no time. It's amazing to experience the return of Rick Mythiasin in this versatility. From high-pitched screams to deep and haunting chant, from sweet melodies to mad laughter – there's lots to discover. This CD will stay in your player for a long time.

    What's more, also the booklet will stay in your hands for quite a while. For the first time since "Dark Hallucinations" in 1998, Steel Prophet are in "storytelling mode" again. "Omniscient" tells a mystical story, a deep adventure which views the world from a whole new perspective. For some fans out there (I bet!) it will be an eye-opener while others might think "I thought this all along!"

    Add to that a cover artwork that tops it off perfectly and you've got a top candidate for the 2014 "Album of the Year".

    Thank you, Steel Prophet.
    All I've got to say is: WELL worth the wait!

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