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Discussion in 'Divebomb Records' started by TribunalRecords, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. TribunalRecords

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    We have some new distro titles coming from SHADOW KINGDOM, DARK DESCENT and UNSPEAKABLE AXE.

    Besides the traditional SKR titles (including new stuff like POWERLORD [reissue] and JOHNNY TOUCH), I traded some stuff with DDR and UAR for some of your guys that are into the darker side of things like myself. Some killer death metal, new school death/thrash (inspired Sepultura, Solstice and Demolition Hammer, etc) and some classic death metal reissues (Uncanny, Depravity, Morgue, Toxaemia, etc)

    I have posted Bandcamp links in the item listings in the estore so you can preview. Stock is limited as this was an experiment to see what DB customers would be interested in, plus I don't have a ton of space here. haha.

    As always if you want anything held before I put the stock up for sale next week (when SKR gets here) please email me at

    Here are the lists of what is coming:

    ALGEBRA – Feed The Ego
    SHARDS OF HUMANITY – Fractured Frequencies
    SABBATORY – Endless Asphyxiating Gloom
    OMNIVORE – Omnivore
    TRENCHROT – Necronomic Warfare
    BESIEGED – Victims Beyond All Help
    BIRTH A.D. – I Blame You

    CRAVEN IDOL – Towards Eschaton
    DEATH STRIKE – Fuckin' Death (w/ bonus tracks)
    DEPRAVITY –Silence Of The Centuries (Discography)
    GOREPHILIA – Embodiment of Death
    GRAVEHILL – Death Curse
    GRAVEHILL – When All Roads Lead to Hell
    HORRENDOUS – Sweet Blasphemies
    HORRENDOUS – The Chills
    ILSA – Tutti il Colori del Buio
    LIE IN RUINS – Towards Divine Death
    MIASMAL – Miasmal
    MORGION – God of Death & Disease
    MORGUE – Eroded Thoughts + Demos
    TOXAEMIA – Buried To Rise (Complete Discography)
    UNCANNY – MCMXCI - MCMXCIV 2CD Discography
    XENOMORPH – Empyreal Regimes (w/ bonus)

    CARDINALS FOLLY - Our Cult Continues!
    CARDNIALS FOLLY - Such Power Is Dangerous!
    CARDNIALS FOLLY - Strange Conflicts of the Past
    COVEN - Worship New Gods
    FUNERAL CIRCLE - Funeral Circle
    HELLWELL - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin
    IRON MAN - I Have Returned
    IRON MAN - Black Night
    IRON MAN - Generation Void
    JAMESON RAID - Just As The Dust Had Settled
    JOHNNY TOUCH - Inner City Wolves
    LOST BREED - The Evil in You and Me
    LOST BREED - Save Yourself
    MANILLA ROAD - After Midnight Live
    MANILLA ROAD - The Deluge
    MANILLA ROAD - Playground Of The Damned
    MANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic
    MANILLA ROAD - Open The Gates
    MANILLA ROAD - Invasion
    MANILLA ROAD - Spiral Castle
    MANILLA ROAD - Metal
    MANILLA ROAD - Voyager
    MANILLA ROAD - Mysterium
    MANILLA ROAD - Mystification
    NIGHT DEMON - Night Demon
    PAGAN ALTAR - The Time Lord
    PAGAN ALTAR - Judgement of the Dead
    PAGAN ALTAR - Lords of Hypocrisy
    PAGAN ALTAR - Mythical and Magical
    PALE DIVINE - Cemetery Earth
    POWERLORD - The Awakening
    REVELATION - Inner Harbor
    REVELATION - Salvation's Answer
    TERMINAL DEATH - Terminal Death

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