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New MYRATH album coming FEB 12th

Discussion in 'Nightmare Records' started by MEGALOUD, Jan 13, 2016.


Which is your Favorite MYRATH album to date?

  1. Hope

  2. Desert Call

  3. Tales from the Sand's

  4. Legacy

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    MEGALOUD The Nightmare Has Begun..

    Nov 9, 2005
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    Minneapolis/St. Paul,MN (The Twin Cities)

    MYRATH return with a new album of their special brand of "Oriental Metal"! After many shows in many countries and over four long years since their last album, they're back with a new collection of great tracks simply titled "Legacy" being released on Nightmare / Sony/ RED to North America on February 12th, 2016.



    MYRATH is a Franco-Tunisian Rock/Metal band, yet in just a few years they’ve become a very enjoyed and respected band by the international Prog-Power community. Their new album “Legacy” promises to rocket the band higher yet, with both European and North American tour plans and their most exciting album to date.

    LEGACY Tracklist:
    1. Jasmin
    2. Believer
    3. Get Your Freedom Back
    4. Nobody's Lives
    5. The Needle
    6. Through Your Eyes
    7. The Unburnt
    8. I Want to Die
    9. Duat
    10. Endure the Silence
    11. Storm of Lies
    12. Other Side (North American Bonus Track)

    UPC# 734923006671 / CAT# NMR584
    Nightmare Records / Distribution by Sony/RED

    ***Don't miss MYRATH on tour with SYMPHONY X and MELTED SPACE on the “Underworld Europe” tour beginning early February, tour plans are in the works for North America. (See European tour poster in images).

    A little history:
    MYRATH released their first full length album "Hope” in 2007 to France.
    Their follow up album "Desert Call" released early 2010 by both French label XIII BIS RECORDS (Sony distribution) and in the rest of the world by American Label Nightmare Records (Sony/Red/MRI) "Desert Call" offered a new style of Progressive Power Metal consisting of a mix between traditional Tunisian music and Metal enhanced by a balanced Arabian and western sound that was received exceptionally well by critics.
    Third MYRATH album "Tales Of the Sands" was released in late 2011, dubbing their new sound as “Oriental Metal” the band was again launched into even higher status, finding themselves on opening touring slots with major artists DREAM THEATER, HIM, WASP, ORPHAND LAND, TARJA.
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