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New Nervecell Photos @ Dubai Desert Rock '09 / Beyond The Venom Tour

Discussion in 'Nervecell' started by humanchaos, Mar 23, 2009.

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    As most of you may know we have just completed the "Beyond The Venom" mini Dubai tour which consisted of local club venues and of course our slot at the mighty Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009 which took place earlier this month. As expected all the shows turned out to be fabulous, especially the club shows where the fans were literally on the stages with us! Big thanks go out to all our fans and friends who came out to the shows and to the promoters for keeping the scene alive and for the killer support towards Nervecell.

    Extra special thanks go out to our crew from hell for their awesome work on this tour; Ahmed "That Guy" Al-Sharif, Adnan "Head" Mryhij, Phil Ortiguero, Farkad Sakran and last but not the least Serg Lutfi.

    Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009 photos:
    Live photos - CLICK HERE
    Misc. photos - CLICK HERE

    Beyond The Venom Dubai Tour 2009 photos:

    Live photos - CLICK HERE
    Misc. photos - CLICK HERE

    CLICK HERE (see video below) to watch the live video of "Vicious Circle of Bloodshed" at Club Submarine (Strong South's Death Row Event, Dubai - 28.2.2009). Video produced by Ahmad "That Guy" Sharif.

    Huge thanks to the following people for the great photos; Jit, Hein, Crom, Lana Helweh, Ahmed "That Guy" Al-Sharif, Lama Helweh, Mohammed Taifi and Nick England.


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