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NEW - Religious Apocalypse Review

Discussion in 'Bloodsoaked' started by Bloodsoaked666, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Bloodsoaked666

    Aug 6, 2006
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    Here's a new review of the latest Bloodsoaked album "Religious Apocalypse" a user posted on The Metal Archives page.


    A wide range of material - 90%
    Akerthorpe, October 23rd, 2014​

    The new Bloodsoaked cd entitled, “Religious Apocalypse” is actually more of an EP with some covers and some live tunes than an actual “new” album. There are actually only 3 new tunes on this release. Even so, that in no way, takes away from the release on any level. The various array of material on this release will definitely open your eyes to a different side of this band as some of it you would think a band like Bloodsoaked would not consider doing. I’ve heard past releases from this band and each one of have seemingly been more progressively brutal than the previous and this release is no exception; at least as far as the 3 new tracks are concerned. The odd thing with this release is that the 2 covers are songs done by hair metal bands, which might seem a little strange to some fans of Bloodsoaked, but I urge everyone to give this new release a chance.

    On most bands of this genre, you might think that the guitars would be all nice and fuzzy and a bit dirty either by tuning or as far as the productions goes. However, on these tracks there is a precise sharpness to the guitars. I really don’t want to say it’s a polished sound because it really goes beyond that. It is still has that unmistakable bite to it, but compared to other bands, notes are actually distinguishable and as heavy as a 2 ton weight to the chest; not just a clusterfuck of noise. What I like about the style of playing in Bloodsoaked is that it seems that Peter has adapted the grindcore style of playing to the death metal riff. There is no doubt that Bloodsoaked is a total 100%, true American death metal band, but when you can take an aspect from one genre and modify it and apply it to another genre, you are expanding your horizons as a musician and pushing the envelope of the style of music you are playing. This is not an easy thing to do with this genre of music, and have people remain 100% positive about it; but I am positive that this release will bring more fans into the Bloodsoaked fold.

    Another aspect I really like about this release, and the band in fact, is that they use a drum machine. You know a band has real talent when they can use a drum machine and the programming is so damn good that you would swear that it’s a live drummer. I am not sure how they get it to sound like this but whatever they do definitely works, and it has been working for quite a few years now. It’s a great production with the drum machine and the sound on the finished product is pretty awesome. The first cover on this new release is “Shake Me” by Cinderella. Kind of reminiscent of something Six Feet Under would do only 10 times better and the solo here is pretty damn flawless. A real enjoyable track that will definitely take you metal heads back a bit. The second cover is “You’re in Love” by Ratt. I really love the riffs at the beginning of this cover. The music was fantastic on this cover but the vocals seemed a bit low but it wasn’t enough to ruin the enjoyment of the track. Both covers were pretty much reproduced as they would have been done back in the day. The only difference I could tell is the vocals (obviously).

    Everything on this release, including the live tracks, was enjoyable. It had been a long time since I have heard anything that Peter Hasselbrack has done, and this was definitely a pleasant surprise. This guy Loves and lives for death metal, takes pride in what he does, works hard, and is an all-around good guy. The addition of Joseph Darling to the band has been a plus as well. It definitely adds a new dimension to the band and he is an excellent musician. Any and all fans of Bloodsoaked seriously need to get this CD. There is not one single solitary disappointment here. This is a well done and well produced release put out by Comatose Records, so get in contact with them or the band and get details on how you can get this latest slab of death metal greatness.

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