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Discussion in 'Avian' started by YanLeviathan, Mar 13, 2012.

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    We are going to try something a bit different from the norm; instead of releasing our next album all at once, we're going to release each song individually.

    Starting with our new song, Eyes Of Sin, which is now available, we'll be releasing a new song digitally every few weeks. Following 3 song releases, we'll make those songs available on a physical cd EP including bonus tracks exclusive to each EP.

    Eventually, once we're done writing for the Midnight At The Tower sessions, we'll release a full length album containing all of the songs with full artwork and lyrics and more bonus material.

    The reason we have decided to take this different approach is that we want to dedicate as much time as necessary per track instead of rushing to get them all done at once. We believe that this process will enhance and allow each song to flourish and stand up on its own.

    So here is where we are so far:

    Midnight At The Tower Sessions:

    The Path EP:
    Song #1 - The Path - CDBaby, iTunes , Blinding Force Recordings , [ame=""]Amazon[/ame]

    Song #2 - When The Night's Undone - CDBaby, iTunes , Blinding Force Recordings , [ame=""]Amazon[/ame]

    Bonus Track - S.S. (Instrumental) - CDBaby, iTunes , Blinding Force Recordings , [ame=""]Amazon[/ame]

    Bonus Track - The Fear (Acoustic Version) - CDBaby, iTunes , Blinding Force Recordings , [ame=""]Amazon[/ame]

    Eyes Of Sin EP:
    Song #3 - Eyes Of Sin - CDBaby, iTunes , [ame=""]Amazon[/ame]

    Song #4 - Gods Of Thunder - Coming Soon

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