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New stuff

Discussion in 'Asgaroth' started by khristoff, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. khristoff

    khristoff Member

    Feb 11, 2003
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    Hello there!

    Here we are once again vomiting our way through this infernal summer.
    We're rehearsing for the usa gig, as well as looking for a new rehearsal room ina specific location in Barcelona. That's a damn and pityful goodbye to ye olde and luvely Raval district dump.

    I've asked to sing in a hungarian band, just for one track, so that seems nice; that is, someone who likes me vocal style, hmmm.
    Also, It's great to have more and more people interested in our old material, as we're getting more and more orders for "Absence". Ah, if someone wants a GTA3 character skin of Daniel (lord lps) in streetwear, that is with our "absence teeshrrrt", just send me and email, ok? well, in fact, da skin looks more like ye olde Fathervic, so that would keep you on.

    BTW, if any of you guys are interested in fantasy novels, please check out, as Michael Cobley, a scottish writer has really got into both "Red shift" and "Absence...". I'm not really into that stuff, but maybe you've heard of him or even read some of his novels already...

    Remember that we'll soon have the video section ready, as soon as Fatherbeep has sometime to update the site! Yep, I'd like to send my regards to Mussaka man, Da girl MEL, and of course, our naughty greek cousin Rakatakis Follakulos...

    Take care me friends! a biug hello from da band for this sweaty summer!

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  2. FatherVic

    FatherVic MasterMelon

    Oct 10, 2001
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    yeah, I've got new stuff to upload and I will for the panda of ughanda find some time to do it....perhaps tonight??? ( :rolleyes: )

    fathervic (off his exams, but still waiting for some OTHER exams to finish :rolleyes: )

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