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new trade/want list

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by Eldzik, May 3, 2003.

  1. Eldzik

    Eldzik Anastasia's Minion

    Feb 12, 2002
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    here is mine new trade/want list. bold text on want list means that these cds are high priority ;) and we can do multi trade for my high priority. send me PM or e-mail.
    MAYHEM "European Legions: Live In Marseille 2000" DVD (nor) '01 [season Of mist]
    ABHORRENCE "Evoking The Abomination" (bra) '01 [listenable] - brazil death metal (Krisiun, Rebaelliun)
    ACID DRINKERS "Infernal Connection" (pl) '94 w/6 bonus [metal mind]
    ACID DRINKERS "Amazing Atomic Activity" (pl) '99 dp w/2 bonus [metal mind]
    ADRAMELECH "Pure Blood Doom" (fin) '99 [severe music] - finns death with Demigod members
    AFFLICTED "Dawn Of Glory" (swe) '95 [massacre] - swedish melodeath/heavy
    ALTAR "In The Name Of The Father" (nl) '00 w/1 bonus [pavement] - cardpromo. dutch death metal veterans
    AVULSED "Carnivoracity" (esp) '95 w/8 bonus [repulse] - spanish cult death metal band
    AVULSED "Seven Years Of Decay" (esp) '99 dp [quirOfano] - digi split with some EP and demos
    BATTLELUST "Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft" (swe) '97 dp [hammerheart] - swedish fast black
    BESATT "Hail Lucifer" (pol) '00 dp [7 gates] - polish raw black (Gorgoroth)
    BLOODSHED "Skullcrusher" MCD (swe) '01 dp [code666] - oldschool swedish death
    BLOODSHED "Inhabitants of Dis" (swe) ‘02 [code666] – promocard
    CENTURIAN "Liber Zar Zax" '01 [listenable] - dutch death metal
    CONTEMPT "The Secret Around Us" (slo) '02 [empire] - death metal
    CONTEMPT "When Angels Begin To Cry" (slo) ’03 [empire]
    CONVULSE "Reflections" (fin) '94 [relapse] death n' roll
    DIES IRAE "Immolated" (pol) '00 [metal blade] - polish death with members Vader (Doc, Mauser), Behemoth (Novy) and Sceptic (Hiro)
    DIMMU BORGIR "The Gods Of Darkness" BOOTLEG (nor) '00 w/4 bonus
    DISMAL EUPHONY "Python Zero" (nor) '01 [nuclear blast] - promo, disc only
    DISSENTER "Apocalypse Of Damned" (pol) '02 [empire records] - polish death
    DOMAIN "Pandemonium" (pol) '95 [apocalypse]
    DOMAIN "From Oblivion" (pol) '00 [apocalypse]
    EMPEROR "Conquering Europe" BOOTLEG (nor) '97
    ENSLAVED "Monumension" (nor) '01 [osmose]
    ENTHRONED "Armoured Bestial Hell" (bel) '01 [blackend]
    ENTOMBED "To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth" (swe) '97 [music for nations]
    EXCOMMUNION "Superion" (usa) '01 [empire] - american death
    FALL OF THE LEAFE "Fermina" (fin) '02 [icarus] - finns dark/gothic
    FLESHCRAWL "Bloodsoul" (d) '96 [black mark] - swedish death from germany
    FROZEN TEARS "Swiat Wsie" (bul) '02 [counter attack] - black metal
    GLOOMY GRIM "Blood, Monster, Darkness" (fin) '98 [holy] - dark/horror metal with members Soulgrind and Thy Serpent
    GLOOMY GRIM "Life?" (fin) '00 [holy]
    HELL-BORN "Hellblast" (pol) '01 [pagan] - polish death/black
    HOLOCAUST "Hellfire Holocaust" MCD (swe) '00 [sound riot] - swedish death
    INVERTED "There Can Be Only One" (swe) '98 [shiver]
    KAMPFAR "Norse" MCD (nor) '98 [hammerheart]
    KOROZY "From The Cradle To The Grave" (bul) '01 [0.4.3.] - COF ripp-off from Bulgaria
    KRISIUN "Ageless Venomous" (bra) '01 [century media]
    LOBOTOMY "Born In Hell" (swe) '99 [no fashion] - swedish oldschool death
    LUCIFUGUM "Instinct Prevelance" (ukr) '99 [dark horizon] - Nokturnal Mortum sideproject
    LUCIFUGUM "On The Sortilage Of Christianity" (ukr) '01 [chanteloup creations] Nokturnal Mortum sideproject
    MAYHEM "Live In Leipzig" (nor) '96 dp [avantgarde]
    MARDUK "La Grande Danse Macabre" (swe) '01 [regain]
    MITHOTYN "In The Sign Of Ravens" (swe) '97 [hammerheart]
    NATRON "BEDTIME FOR MERCY" (ita) '00 dp [holy]
    NECROMICON "Peccata Mundi" (swe) '00 [hammerheart] – promo. swedish death
    NEPHASTH "IMMORTAL UNHOLY TRIUMPH" (bra) '01 [mighty music] - brazil death
    NORTHER “Mirror Of Madness” (fin) ‘03 [spinefarm] – promo in jewel case
    RAINCARNATION "At The Bottomless Lake" (pol) '00 [morbid noizz]
    RUNEMAGICK "RESURRECTION IN BLOOD" (swe) '00 [century media]
    SADIST "LEGO" (ita) '00 - promo with booklet
    SEPTIC FLESH “A Fallen Temple” (gre) ’98 [holy] - promo
    SIEBENBURGEN "GRIMJAUR" (swe) '98 [napalm] promo
    THERION "DEGGIAL" (swe) '00 [nuclear blast]
    THE SINS Of THY BELOVED "PERPETUAL DESOLATION" (nor) '00 [napalm] - promo
    TWIN OBSCENITY "BLOODSTONE" (nor) '01 [century media]
    V/A "In The Eyes Of Death III" '02 [century media] - promo
    WARMEN "UNKNOWN SOLDIER" (fin) '00 [spinefarm]
    WARMEN "BEYOND ABILITIES" (fin) '01 [spinefarm]
    WITCHMASTER "Masochistic Devil Worship" (pol) '02 [pagan] - retro black/thrash with Inferno from Behemoth

    DARK TRANQUILLITY “Stains Over Poland” DVD (century media)
    Death Is Just The Beginning - Classics DVD (nuclear blast)
    EMPEROR "Emperial Live Ceremony" (candlelight)
    Satyricon "Roadkill Extravaganza" (moonfog)
    THE HAUNTED "Caught on Tape" (earache)

    AEON "Dark Order" (Deathvomit Records / Necropolis Records)
    Alghazanth "Osiris-Typhon Unmasked" (woodcut)
    ANDROMEDA "Extension Of The Wish – Definitive Extension" 2CD (century media)
    ARCH ENEMY - any bootleg
    ARKHON INFAUSTUS "In Sperma Infernum" MCD (Mordgrimm)
    ARKHON INFAUSTUS "Filth Catalyst" (osmose)
    Belenos "Spicilege" (Sacral Productions)
    Blackshine "Our Pain Is Your Pleasure" (Gun Records)
    Black Swan "When the Angels of Twilight Dance" (mastervox)
    Callenish Circle - My Passion/Your Pain [metal blade]
    Cardinal Sin "Spiteful Intents" MCD (war)
    CARPATHIAN FOREST "Defending the Throne of Evil" [season of mist]
    Centinex "Malleus Maleficarum" (candlelight) re-issue
    Centinex "Bloodhunt + Reborn Through Flames" (candlelight) re-issue
    Centinex "Hellbrigade" (candlelight) re-issue
    Ceremonial Oath "the book of truth" (modern primitive)

    COMECON "megatrends in brutality" (Century Media)
    Compos Mentis "Fragments of a Withered Dream" (lost disciple)
    Cradle Of Flith “Damnation And A Day” [sony]
    Dawn "sorgh pa svarte vingar flrgh" (necropolis)

    Dawn Of Decay "New Hell" (vod records)
    Decapitated "Nihility" (earache)
    Diabolicum "The Killing Spree 1.5" (code666)
    Disgrace "grey misery" (Modern Primitive)
    Disgrace "Vacuum Horror, Horror Vacuum" MCD (Crawfish Recordings)
    Dissection "Night's Blood" BOOTLEG (Headache Records)
    Eclipse "The Act Of Degradation" (blackend)
    Embraced "Amorous Anathema" (regain records)
    Enslaved “Below The Lights” (osmose)
    Fimbulwinter "Servants of Sorcery"
    Forlorn "Hybernation" [napalm]
    Funeral Mist "Devilry" (Shadow Records)
    Funeris Nocturnum "Slay and Burn" MCD (woodcut)
    Funeris Nocturnum "Religion Syndrome Deceased" (Code 666)
    God Dethroned "Into The Lungs Of Hell" (metal blade)
    Gorement "The Ending Quest" (Crypta Records)
    Grave "You'll Never See" (century media)
    Horna "Sudentaival" (Woodcut Records)
    IMMEMOREAL "Temple Of Retribution" (Blackend)
    Infernal "Summon Forth The Beast" MCD (hammerheart)
    IN FLAMES “Trigger” [nuclear blast]
    IN THY DREAMS "The Highest Beauty" (war)
    In Thy Dreams "Stream Of Dispraised Souls" (war)
    Katatonia "Brave Yester Days: A Kompendium" (avantgarde)
    LEGION "Bloodaeons" (Neodawn Prod.)
    Leukemia "Grey-Flannel Souled" (step one)
    Manegarm "Dödsfärd"
    MASSACRA "final holocaust" (Shark Records)
    MASSACRA "enjoy the violence" (Shark Records)

    MASSACRA "signs of the decline" (Shark Records)
    MISANTHROPE "Recueil d'Ecueils: les épaves... et autres oeuvres interdites" [holy]
    Murder Squad "Ravenous, Murderous" [Threeman Recording / Playground]
    NECRONY “Pathological Performances” (Poserslaughter)
    NECRONY „Necronycism: Distorting The Originals” (Poserslaughter)
    Nightingale "Alive Again" (black mark/the end)
    OMINOUS "Void of infinity" (holy)
    OMNIUM GATHERUM "Spirits And August Light" (Rage Of Achilles Records)
    Opeth "Damnation" (music for nations)
    Pandemonium "Insomnia" (JCM Records)
    Panzerchrist "Six Seconds Kill" (serious)
    Pathos "Katharsis" (Massacre Records)
    Sadness "ames de marabre" (witchhunt)
    SATANIC SLAUGHTER "Banished to the underworld" (Black sun records)
    SINISTER “Savage Or Grace” [nuclear blast]
    Skinfaced "Blessed by Ignorance" MCD 2001 [KingSize Records]
    SOILWORK - Figure Number Five [nuclear blast]
    Solefald "In Harmonia Universali" (century media)
    Soulreaper "Life Erazer" (hammerheart)
    SPORTLOV "Offerblod i Vallabod" [Head Mechanic Records]
    Symbiosis "fluid" mcd (listenable)
    THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH Drain The Portal In Blood
    THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH Damnated Hell's Arrival (necropolis)
    THE BLACK "black blood" MCD (Necropolis)
    The Everdawn "Poems Burn The Past" [hammerheart]
    The Haunted "One Kill Wonder" [earache]
    The Kovenent "S.E.T.I - (The Search For Extraterestial Existence)" (nuclear blast)
    Thy Primordial "The Crowning Carnage" (blackend)
    THYRANE "Hypnotic" [spinefarm]
    TROLLHEIM'S GROTT "Bizarre Troll Technology" (woodcut)
    Ulver/Immortal bootleg
    Vinterland "Welcome My Last Chapter..." (no fashion)
  2. Meathead Metalhead

    Meathead Metalhead I WILL FUCK YOU UP!

    Feb 5, 2003
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    Currently in Surprise, AZ
    Hey dude, I'd like your Marduk and Nephasth cd's. Here is my tradelist, let me know if you see anything you'd like:

    CD's for trade:
    Axenstar-Perpetual Twilight (cardboard promo)
    Exodus-Force of Habit
    In Flames-The Jester Race
    Metalium-Metalian Attack Live (cardboard promo)
    Sepultura-Beneath the Remains (original)

    I have these cd inserts up for trade/sell. They all come with front and back inserts. I'll sell them for $4 each or trade them 2 for 1 cd. If you'd like, I also burn each of them for you, except for the Mortification.

    Blind Guardian-Tales from the Twilight World
    Megadeth-Rust In Peace
    Mortification-Scrolls of the Megilloth (1st Pressing)
    Rage-Secrets in a Weird World (1st Pressing)
    Rage-Black in Mind (Digipak/worn/missing booklet/2 bonus)

    -I don't play video games anymore and would really like to get rid of them. (*) means I'll let it go for one cd.
    -1NSANE (PC/CD)*
    -MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY (Sony Playstation)*
    -QUAKE II*
    -BLADE (Sony Playstation II)
    -TEKKEN 3 (Sony Playstation)
    -TENCHU: STEALTH ASSASSINS (Sony Playstation)
    -DIE HARD TRILOGY (Sony Playstation)*
    -RIDGE RACER I (Sony Playstation)*
    -METAL GEAR: SOLID (Sony Playstation)*
    -DESTRUCTION DERBY II (Sony Playstation) Jewel Case Only!

    These are N64 games. They don't come with the box/booklet. Offer me anything.

    -VIDEOS - I'm moving out of my house and decided to get rid of shit I don't need anymore. below are a list of bootleg videos I've managed to collect over the years. Almost all of them are A+ quality shot full live shows, some music videos. Offer me anything.

    -Half Baked w/o Cover Box

    Tape #2
    -Cannibal Corpse - Corona, CA 1-31-97
    -Skinlab - Corona, CA 7-11-97 (snippet)
    -Suffocation - Corona, CA 5-23-97

    Tape #4
    -Deeds of Flesh - Michigan 8-22-97
    -Malevolent Creation - Milwaukee, WI 7-26-97
    -S.O.D. - Milwaukee, WI 7-25-97
    -Vader - San Diego, CA 3-7-97

    Tape #6
    -Cannibal Corpse - Corona, CA 8-29-98
    -Destruction - Milwaukee Metalfest 7-25-98
    -Rise - Corona, CA - Full Show

    Tape #7
    -Incantation - Corona, CA 4-19-97
    -Sodom - German T.V. - 5-28-88
    -Immortal Destruction - Hollywood, CA 95'
    -Internal Bleeding - Long Island, NY 2-24-96

    Tape #12
    -Death is Just the Beginning III (Nuclear Blast Records Video Compilation)
    ...Feat. Videos from Gorefest, Amorphis, Benediction, Hypocrisy, Pungent Stench, Konkhra, Dead World, Dismember, Sinister, Therion, Mortification.
    -Malevolent Creation - Milwaukee Metalfest 7-26-97
    -Napalm Death - Plague Rages
    -Sepultura - Slave New World
    -Entombed - Stranger Aeons
    -Sepultura - Desperate Cry
    -Sepultura - Arise

    -CDR's for trade...
    I have these cdr's up for trade. Either these bands suck fucking ass or I've replaced them with the actually cd's and they are taking up space that is needed. Let me know if you want to trade for other cdr's or I could give you a bunch of them for an original cd.

    Beyond the Embrace-Against the Elements
    Cradle of Filth-Dusk and Her Embrace
    Defaced Creation-Serenity In Chaos
    Immolation-Close to a World Below
    In Flames-Colony
    King's Evil-Deletion of Humanoise
    Laaz Rockit-Nothing$ $acred
    Metalium-Chapter 3: Hero Nation
    Panzerchrist-Soul Collector
    Persuader-The Hunter
    Rage-End of All Days (1 actual cd/1 burned. Actual cd/Jap. Release with 3 bonus tracks/Skips on a couple songs)
    Running Wild-The Rivalry
    Soilent Green-Sewn Mouth Secrets
    V/A - Mixed Metal CD (Maiden/Callenish Circle/Forbidden/God Dethroned/Gamma Ray/Helloween/God Forbid/Chimaira/others...)

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