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Newcomer - Which album?

Discussion in 'Children Of Bodom' started by enjibenji89, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Mar 8, 2004
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    You and I have obviously different tastes in music, aside from the fact that we have been huge COB fans, which is fine. If i were to recommend anything from SW it would be The Nail, Red Light Part 1, Touch, and In the Shadows. Lake B has the most legendary Bodom riff of all time, and Deadnight Warrior is a great song, but just doesn't do it for me like the other 4 I mentioned.

    I agree with the guy who said listen to the newer stuff first and then work your way back because then you won't resent their style change. I got into Bodom after they released Follow the Reaper, and am definitely in the restent their style change camp. I am the most resentful though because I feel like they did it mainly to become more popular, which is a bummer. Also a bummer that more simplistic, uninteresting music is more popular than brilliant, catchy, melodic music.

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