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Noctis - 2008

Discussion in 'General Metal Discussion' started by NoctisDan, May 4, 2008.

  1. NoctisDan

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    Jan 24, 2008
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    With the search for a replacement keyboardist having been a somewhat arduous task,
    Noctis would like to announce our new keyboardist and sampler, Liam.
    Liam has expressed immense enthusiasm and musical ability and we are proud to welcome him to the band.

    In addition, we officially welcome the highly talented Simone Dow (also of Voyager) to take on guitar duties.
    Simone has proven to be an invaluable member so far, having already performed live with Noctis on a number of occasions and
    contributing to the song writing process.

    On a final note, with the departure of Sam Terlick from the group,
    bass player Alex Canion will now fill the position of lead vocalist in combination with his bass duties.

    Noctis 2008 are:

    Dan Mazzarol: Guitars
    Alex Canion: Bass/Vocals
    Simone Dow: Guitars
    Ben Mazzarol: Drums
    Liam Kinson: Keys/Backing Vocals

    2008 will see the recording of the highly anticipated album to follow up the debut 2007 release “For Future’s Past” out on Prime Cuts records…
    The new album will see the new line up and evolved sound of Noctis being put into full force with approximately 70 mins of epic,
    melodic and thought provoking Death/Doom from the loneliest city in the world…

    Noctis would like to sincerely thank all whom have supported and cherished them and look towards the darkness with beatitude…

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